Tailor Train Featured in CallMiner’s “51 Call Center Training Tips”

Warrington-based Tailor Train provides procurement and business transformation services. The company has helped several companies in the UK realise challenging objectives such as minimising costs, deriving optimal profits, and achieving maximum business performance.

Blue Whale Media was the company’s web design partner. Tailor Train wanted a website that provided best user experience while serving as an authentic platform for presenting its services.

Tailor Train’s website carries an aesthetic and practical design to highlight the company’s services and benefits. Blue Whale Media employed a judicious mix of images, custom graphics, and content, to deliver information in an engaging manner.

The design also included features such as a mobile responsive design, simple and easy navigation, and prominent calls-to-action, among others, which resulted in effective reach, great user experience, and conversions.

Tailor Train in CallMiner’s Article

The company most recently featured in CallMiner’s blog article “Call Center Training Tips: 51 Expert Tips on Training Technology, Agent Onboarding, Ongoing Training & Coaching, and More”.

About CallMiner

CallMiner specialises in developing software products for enhancing customer experience. The company caters to the needs of a range of organisations, from large-scale enterprises to small-scale contact centres.

Tailor Train’s Expert Tip

The above-mentioned article by Robert Stanley talks about agent training in call centres, and the need for diverse and comprehensive strategies, including continuous agent coaching, agent performance measurement and analysis, and tailoring training programmes to meet agents’ specific skill sets and gaps, among several other best practices.

The article lists 52 tips from leading call centre specialists, training companies and industry resources, to empower call centres with the right insights for developing an efficient, practical and result-yielding agent training programme.

Tailor Train is one of the industry experts that the article mentions. It cites a paragraph from Tailor Train’s article “How to Improve Staff Performance in a Call Centre?” which talks about identifying agent challenges to improve their performance.

The expert tip for call centres is to assess first-hand the issues their agents are having. It could be due an agent’s communication or problem-solving skills, or there could be a problem with the system in place at the call centre.

The featured tip advises call centre executives to assess the underlying problem by being with the agents when they are on a call. The tip from Tailor Train stresses on examining results of trend analysis and direct observation sessions such as those mentioned above, to realise root causes for low agent performance.

For more expert tips on improving call centre staff performance, read the entire insightful article by Tailor Train here. If you are looking for powerful procurement and business transformation solutions, get in touch with Tailor Train today.

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