Taking Risks With SEO

With the kind of misinformation out there, not many business people understand the benefits that come with search engine optimization (SEO). This makes it hard for them to make a decision on whether or not SEO is an investment worth their time and money.

Investing in SEO is a clever online marketing strategy. It may not yield substantial positive results instantaneously but with time, it does make significant improvements on a company’s overall online presence and conversion rates.

Anything that is stated to carry some amount of risk factor to it is bound to make folks nervous and doubting. SEO carries some of these risks. So it is good to do extensive research to better comprehend risks associated with SEO.

I did some research and below is what I learnt from SEO Warrington on the necessary and unnecessary SEO risks to take.

Making large and small changes

SEO has one goal alone; to significantly increase a website’s traffic which can lead to higher conversion rates. However, this will not happen if no one is visiting your website.

You may have used all the necessary keywords to increase your ratings but nothing is happening. In this case, it would be difficult to get a specific reason for this due to the vast number of possibilities for the problem.

The solution would be to start testing from one possible element to the other. Check the meta descriptions and content among others until you find the problem.

This trial and error is a risk as a small mistake can cause you network traffic. All in all, it is a necessary risk.

High-quality backlinks

Giving and getting backlinks is a necessary risk. A high-quality backlink could cause consumers to leave your site and go to the other company’s website. However, these referrals could cause Google to notice that you are referencing credible sites and, in turn, increase your ratings.

Website redesign

Once in a while, your website may need a revamp. Doing this could cause a disconnect with your regular clients. Google may also re-evaluate your website lowering traffic. However, your traffic will eventually bounce back and your new website look will most probably bring about more traffic to your website.

Purchase used domains

Some domains of existing websites will not be renewed. Buying these domains will direct traffic to your website. However, you should do this with caution. Purchase domains of credible websites that are related to your website in order to avoid frustrating potential consumers.

Unnecessary risks
  • Avoid using doorway pages since Google hates them and will penalize you for using them.
  • Allow genuine neutral links as this will not hurt your ratings. They can actually promote referral traffic.
  • Avoid deleting content or pages from your website as this would hurt your rankings in the sense that the specific keywords that ranked the page or content will be deleted.
  • Avoid making too many changes to your website. Especially if it is for SEO purposes. These changes may make your site seem suspicious to Google and your clients. Google will then penalize you.

Investing in SEO can be risky but it is a worthy undertaking. The biggest risk of all would be not risking at all.

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