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Team Building – Bowling September 2022

Once a month, the team have a team-building event together. We find this can help the team bond and increase communication between the teams and departments. This time we decided to go Bowling. This is something of an annual event. We had several attendees this time and two teams. 

Once again, it was extremely eventful, with two members of the team using the wrong fingers to bowl with no names (Naomi & Jess) as you can imagine, their bowling significantly improved after learning this!

Who won?

Overall, the boys won both sets of games, with Anthony ending the 1st game with a triple strike. Alex won game two. But other notable mentions were Kabir getting a strike without assistance and Jess getting her first-half strike. In the girl’s team, Stef won the 1st round, and Naomi won the second round.

What’s next?

The next team building is Ice skating which may even be featured in some of our Christmas videos this year! So keep checking the blog to see who needed the help of the standing penguins at Ice Skating next month.