Snowdon Mountain Climbing

Why team building is important

Team building should be a big part of any company no matter how big or small you are. If you do team building as a small team or as a full company it is a great way for everyone to interact. In any companies there are new starters regularly this can be daunting coming in to a business not knowing anyone, having a team exercise planned can break the ice between staff members making new people more comfortable. In larger companies staff members may not get to see each other due to job rolls etc so having a exercise that brings staff together can gain more friendships and bonds throughout the workplace which will be a nicer environment for everyone to work in.

How can team building help your team

In any team it is nice to grow bonds between staff members whether this being on a professional level or friendship level. Team building will give people time to be themselves outside of a professional workplace and be more themselves showing people who they really are. Growing a better relationship between staff members can help people grow within a company staff members will feel more comfortable around other people and may become more confident in meetings and speaking to people bringing more ideas to the table that could help grow a business.

How can you plan team building events

Planning team building events can be a joint decision there are plenty of options out there to do. Sitting down with team members or a suggestion box would really help to widen the variety of suggestions. Once all suggestions are in the options could be sent in an email to all staff members who will be taking part to choose the top ideas to do. If you are planning on doing team building events every couple of months a few ideas could be chosen for everyone to take part in. When deciding the team building event it is important to keep every staff member in mind who can take part and who it will affect you want everyone to be able to take part and enjoy.

What has Blue Whale Media done

At blue whale we plan ahead when it comes to team building a lot of the time team building happen after work which is great to look forward to after a long week. We like to have a few events planned throughout the year as this gives staff members something to look forward to. In the past Blue Whale have done rock climbing this really brought everyone together as a team and a lot of encouragement came from all members. Every year the Blue Whale team do a Snowdon walk this is a charity event which usually takes part on the weekend the team usually books a cabin for the weekend to enjoy the weekend together and celebrate their achievement. The latest one we have coming up is crazy golf.

The best time to do team building events

Team building events can take place throughout the year, plan ahead and think of your busiest periods and if staff members will need some time to enjoy. If you are planning events outside it is always best to do this when the warmer weather appears, all indoor activities can be done throughout the year whenever you feel the team needs it.