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Junior Web Developer

Callum Swann

Callum has recently completed his 4 years at Edge Hill University studying Game Design and has now joined us as one of our junior developers! We’re excited to have Callum be a part of the development team and can’t wait to see what new skills he will learn from his Level 3 apprenticeship in Software Development. Callum loves finding unique solutions to solve coding problems which is how he found his passion for website development! When Callum isn’t busy playing video games you will also find him dismantling and building his own gaming PC to get a better understanding of the world of computers and development. Callum is an avid film fanatic and enjoys watching all types of films new and old.


A Town Called Eureka



What I Do

WordPress Development

Blue Whale Media is known for its innovative and creative client websites. Callum and our web development team have the skills to build and maintain websites using HTML, CSS, J-Query and PHP to help improve the performance of your business.

Woocommerce Development

Callum has the skills and techniques to build all genres of websites. Developing eCommerce websites to enhance the sales performance of the company is just one of Callum’s many responsibilities.

Custom Code- JS, CSS. PHP

Through his experience, Callum has the skills to custom code elements of websites to optimise the performance of the business. Building sophisticated websites that enhance the capabilities of the company is one of Callum’s main responsibilities.

Website Maintenance 

Upkeeping and maintaining clients’ websites is vital for successful website performance. With the advancement of technology, it’s important to keep websites up to date to ensure they are running smoothly so the client can receive the best chance for optimum sales performance.

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” – Paul Cookson

Callum Swann

Junior Web Developer