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Pack Leader


George is a very good boy at Blue Whale Media. He has been working at Blue Whale Media for nearly 10 years and has been promoted to pack leader! He has helped train his brothers to be just as sleepy as he is. George has a huge passion for snoozing in the office and believes everyone should be entitled to at least 4 naps a day. After a long day of barking at the postman and sleeping in his dad's office, he enjoys going for long walks on the beach with his parents and brothers.

Favourite colour

Green (the colour of his favourite sprout toy)

Favourite TV show or film

The Tonight Show (he loves staying up late with mum and dad)

Favourite animal


Favourite food


What I Do

Pack leader

Pack Leader

It has taken George 8 years to achieve his promotion as pack leader! And he wears this badge with pride. George has to make sure that he keeps his brothers in check and follows the rules of the office (lots of sleep and cuddles)


Snoozing Quality Assurance

George must ensure that each dog gets the appropriate amount of sleep per day. He makes sure that the sleep quota has been met and exceeded as he spends his time sleeping under desks and curled up in Gary’s office.

Dog security

Head of Security

Our head of security, George, is responsible for letting us know when someone has arrived at the office. Who needs a doorbell when we’ve got our George?