Tech Resolutions For A Productive 2019

Technology and productivity in today’s world go hand in hand continually complimenting each other for the best possible results. Technology has become a game changer, especially in working environments ensuring efficiency and accuracy of doing tasks in the best possible way. SEO Warrington, however, believes that with technology constantly changing and improving to better versions by the day, it is necessary to have resolutions in place to avoid distractions which come with it and ensure its optimal usage to get the best output.

Resolutions, which are a promise to do or perform better, are critical to keep workers focused on the task and help to guarantee improvement in performance if followed to the latter.

Embracing Automation

This is the process of making a machine or system work efficiently by itself without direct human intervention. SEO Warrington believes technological advancements offer a lot of automation options such as emails proposals and other functions. If some routine tasks can be automated, it might save a lot of time which may otherwise be used constructively and improve the productivity of the worker.

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

These are a combination of keyboard keys which lead to the execution of a specific function on a computer faster than the usual way. These shortcuts can be very crucial time savers and are available in most of the computer programs which are used. Each programme has its own set of combinations; therefore, it is wise to start with the programs you often use and build up from there.

Scheduled Time for Emails

SEO Warrington believes random notifications from your email can be very annoying concentration breaker when you are working. You may lose a lot of productive time if you choose to give in to the urge to check every notification that shows on your computer. It, therefore, becomes necessary to schedule time specifically for checking and replying to your emails unless there is an essential mail which you are expecting.

Password Managers

Passwords are a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers which grant access to specific information. Most people use weak passwords or a single password for different sites to avoid forgetting. This habit may be hazardous especially if dealing with sensitive information which may have serious repercussions if it falls in the wrong hands. A password manager can help to make stronger and more secure passwords and help you store all your password in one location.

Planning App Usage Times

You might be surprised at the cumulative time on which you spend using specific applications on a given day. Planning will make you have control and monitor how much time you use on these applications helping you to manage them accordingly and free up time for other productive activities.

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