What Are Adobe Mobile Apps?

They are apps created by Adobe which can be used on your mobile for more convenience and portability. These apps can be used when you’re not at your desktop. They can also help gather and plan information and resources for future projects. There are many to choose from which all have a variety of different functions. I will now run through some of the mobile apps that we use to help our workflow and productivity.

Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp is an app which helps layout designs before creating them on the Adobe software. It is done by drawing simple shapes with your finger or the apple pencil to make simple layouts. For example, a box with 3 line drawn into it will create a text box. This text can then get edited and colours can be changed. This is great for Blue Whale Media as we can create layouts for Mailchimps, leaflets and brochures. This app is easy to use and can be worked with on the go on IPad or phone. It is also a great way to perform in front of clients to help with website layouts etc. These layouts can then be saved and emailed out to clients or too other designers for opinions and suggestions.

Adobe Capture

Adobe capture very much relates to its name whereby it captures certain designs and exploits them on their different features. It can be used to find out hexes and fonts through the camera of an iPhone or iPad. It does this by finding various hexes around a subject that you have chosen. For Example, if you like the colours of the autumn trees then you would take a picture and it would work out the hexes of the most prominent colours giving you 5 in total. This is then saved onto your phone/IPad to use in the future. It can also be used to detect certain fonts. So for example, if you like a font on a piece of paper then the phone can scan it in and give you the font it is or something that looks very similar. Adobe capture is great for gathering inspiration for future designs.

Adobe Sketch

Very obvious within the name, Adobe sketch it using for drawing and creating designs like you would if you were sketching with pencil and pen. This is more easily performed when purchasing the apple pencil. Through its impressive technology, the apple pencil with the iPad pro can detect pressure. This, therefore, gives you a more realistic representation of actually drawing on a piece of paper. The light you press with the apple pencil the lighter the shade will be. This ability allows you to draw anywhere and at any time without all the clutter that comes with sketching through hand.

Adobe Scan

This is an app that could help most people working in an office environment. This allows you to scan in pieces of paper which automatically creates it into a pdf document which can then get sent to others through email. They can also be kept in an archive when they are all stored and can be referred back too.

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