The Benefits of Blogging to Increase your Brand Awareness

The benefits of blogging to increase your brand awareness

Blogging is beneficial for building and maintaining your brand identity and awareness online. Brand awareness is essential because it is a crucial foundation to acquire customers; eventually, marketers create campaigns of many kinds to increase brand awareness. Brand awareness refers to people’s ability to recall, identify and recognise your business.

Incorporating a business blog into your marketing plan will provide instant exposure to your brand on various platforms, especially with search and social media.

Suppose you want your website to be more than a virtual pamphlet about your business. In that case, you need to provide enough substantial content for search engines to identify your website as one that provides answers to valuable user questions.

Our content writing team at Blue Whale Media has put together some of the benefits that blogging provides to increase your brand awareness.

Blogging provides more traffic to your website.

More than 52% of B2B marketers agree with the fact that blogging is the only content marketing strategy that gets the majority of web traffic, engagements and generates high quality leads.
The audience engagement is long-lasting, getting more views, comments, shares and likes. The links are shared with different audiences on social media platforms, generating more leads – your business could gain 90% more links to your website.

Blogging is beneficial for SEO

Lots of content is searched on the internet daily. The good quality content gets favoured by the search engine web crawlers that index new data and reward the content with higher ranks. The more pages indexed by crawlers of search engines such as Google, the higher ranks will attract more visitors, resulting in more quality lead generation.

Visual assets have more influence on the Audience.

It enhances audience engagement as visual content such as live videos, illustrations, photographs, or infographics are more understandable. It adds value to blog posts and makes them stand out and get noticed, which gains 45% more views.
Vital information can be embedded into graphs and conveyed to the right audience. Audiences generally have a low attention span, visuals stay in their memory for a more extended period of time. It is an essential aspect of blogging and brand awareness.

Brand relevant content

By displaying your brand vision and objective of the company within blog posts, you provide details that act as your unique identity when describing products and services available. By projecting the company’s goals and opportunities, you can directly or indirectly generate backlinks that help with browsing. This s an effective marketing strategy through which you can target potential customers and engage customers for a larger duration.

It’s important to engage with customers online as they are learning about products or services through google searches and social media. Your online marketing and brand strategy cannot rest on logos and trademarks alone, but you can increase your visibility with regular blogging.
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