The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is just one aspect of technology developing. It has become more popular over the years due to new designs and marketing moving into the technological side. With over 3.7 billion global email users, it is definitely the preferred method of communication for businesses. Email Marketing is something that every company should be involved in as it has many benefits. Here are a few…

Delivering a Message

A huge benefit of email marketing is the ability to deliver the message directly to the people who you want to target and people who have interests/needs that relate to your service. This means that if you send them an email regarding a topic that they have an interest in or that they are looking for, then people will more likely to buy the product or service. Reaching out to people with a particular interest and providing them with that specific thing can work wonders as you are being direct to your target audience.

Customising the Campaigns

Another benefit of email marketing is customisation. By customising a campaign to suit your business, it can make your company look professional which will mean that people are more likely to click on the email. The customisation aspect of email marketing can involve a variety of things including adding the recipient’s name to an email which shows them that you have actually made the effect to make the email personal. In addition to this, an email can also be customised with a company logo or relevant links to your website as it allows the brand to be represented overall.

Fast Process

Email marketing is known for its speediness as it can be delivered to a wide variety of people instantly. It has a fast process of getting the message to customers and also receiving feedback. The process of email marketing overall is very quick as you can send the campaign out to a number of people at the same time which means it is less consuming then having to send it out individually. With regards to feedback, it is fast for people to reply to your email, so you can get feedback about your service and product a lot faster. Overall it gives you a better idea of how people are responding.

Measuring Success

Linking to the previous point, email marketing also provides you with the chance to measure the success of email campaigns. For example, you can track the open rates to see if the email is actually attracting people from what they first see. You can also see what links have the highest clicks which allow you to know what people are most interested in for further email campaigns.

Get involved with Email Marketing

There are many ways to get involved with email marketing and one way is to let Blue Whale Media help you with your campaigns. We have an expert team who will focus on not only the creativity of emails but also the testing and reporting of the results. Our qualified email marketing consultants can cover the whole process from start to finish with prices starting from £195.00+VAT. Call 01925 552050 to speak to a member of our team and get a free quote.

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