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The Best GDPR Memes

You’re probably relieved that you’re not getting any more GDPR emails. Who would have thought that altering data protection laws – a change designed to give us more choice and awareness about companies’ records – would cause so much hassle?

But there is a funny side to all this. And there have been some brilliant social media posts, which have perfectly captured the craziness of finding your inbox full of emails pleading with you to “stay in touch”. So here are five of them, followed by an assessment from Blue Whale Media on why each one is wonderful.

1 From @_Katenip

Underneath a picture of Darth Vader threatening Princess Leia, a tweet from @_Katenip had the following caption for Darth:


What do we say at our web design agency Manchester? You can’t go wrong with a Star Wars reference and many people probably think an EU directive is similar to receiving a message from Darth Vader.

2 From @robholley

Underneath a collage of The Spice Girls, @robholley rewrote the lyrics to Wannabe with the following caption:

So here’s a story about directive 95/46/EC…
You want mail from me you gotta listen carefully…
We got Policy in place your data we can erase,
We got R for GD who likes it on an –
Privacy doesn’t come for free, data disclosed clearly…
And as for me? OPT-IN, you’ll see

What do we say at our web design agency Manchester? A lot of thought has gone into this one and some might argue these are actually better lyrics than the original ones.

3 From @Kerrypurcell

The subject line of my email inbox increasingly reads like a scorned lover: ‘I’ll miss you’, ‘Please don’t go’, ‘It’ll be sad to lose you’, ‘Please stay in touch’, ‘Let’s stay friends’. I’m just waiting for the email headed, ‘I’ve burned all your books you bastard.’ #GDPR

What we say at our web design agency Manchester? Breaking up is always hard to do, especially when it’s instigated by new privacy laws. But @Kerrypurcell has made many people laugh by comparing GDPR emails to the end of a romance.

4 From @WikiGuido

@WikiGuido tweeted a picture of a message he received from the Labour party, which mentioned that it was Jeremy Corbyn’s birthday. And “the last thing he wants as a gift is to see our movement lose strength. But unless you let us know today, new data laws will mean we won’t be able to keep in touch…”

Underneath the picture, @WikiGuido wrote:

Labour GDPR email. You will “ruin Jeremy’s birthday” if you don’t sign up.

What we say at our web design agency Manchester? This shows that Labour have a pretty good sense of humour. His supporters probably didn’t hesitate in clicking ok, but what about the more Blairite members of the party? We do wonder how many of the latter chose not to hear from Jeremy?

5 From @TechnicallyRon

GDPR email 1: We are changing the way we store data
GDPR email 2: You need to update your subscription to keep getting emails
GDPR email 3: Look you twat we need your updated details
GDPR email 4: We love you please update your settings

What we say at our web design agency Manchester? Well done @TechnicallyRon for highlighting the increasingly irate tone of the emails.

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