The Essentials of Quality Content Writing

Despite there being a vast amount of content available to read on the web, it’s very rare that companies create original and engaging content that keeps readers coming back. Written content needs to be well researched and must match the company or brand’s tone and style. While correct grammar is an obvious necessity, unsuitable word choices or unorganised sentence structuring can easily dissuade a reader from becoming a potential customer.

Here some ways to make sure your content attracts and retains the audience you’re looking for.

Varying Your Content

While you might already be including images, videos and links to other websites in your web content, there’s still a myriad of other media and methods to keep your content interesting to returning readers. Integrating relevant social media posts into your content allows you to bring other perspectives into a topic and generate discussion. Along with this, infographics are an eye-catching and easily shareable way to display information which could interest not just customers, but also other members and colleagues in your industry.

However, because the majority of your content will be written it’s important that you also mix up the topics you write about. From reporting on industry-relevant products to answering your reader’s questions, always make sure your content matches your potential readers’ interests and is varied enough to keep them coming back.

The Not So Nitty Gritty of Editing

Ensuring your content is completely error-free can often be a tough task, however there are a few simple ways to make it easier.

– Edit as you write: When working away on your first draft, it’s important to edit mistakes as you work. Even small spelling typos or forgotten words that you might remember to correct later will often end up disappearing into a sea of words when you try to revisit them. Get into the habit of correcting mistakes as you write in order to save time in the editing process later.

– Read it aloud: The tried and true method of reading your work aloud will always help you refine your sentences and ideas. Spelling mistakes and missing words will stand out when you read aloud slowly and carefully.

– Take your time on your final edit: Whether you end up editing your content five times or only just one time, take the time on that last read through to ensure everything is correct and ready to be posted.

Formatting for Clarity

Even if your content has perfect grammar, if it’s not displayed properly on your website or is a daunting wall of text, it will turn away potential readers immediately. Always make sure your content is properly titled, clearly paragraphed, with any images or media nicely woven into the rest of the content.

Take a look at where and how your written content is displayed on your home page. Can readers find your recent posts easily? Make sure your content is easy to find and well-integrated into the rest of your website.

Writing for Your Audience

While many websites will fret over optimising their word counts and title wording for better SEO optimisation, ultimately Google will always prioritise content which is useful to readers (based on their search query), credible, and clearly written. Try to brainstorm concerns or curiosities potential customers might have and search for and address them in dedicated content writing.

Always make sure your content writing has a consistent kind of tone or voice in its writing. While it’s important to keep your writing professional and clear, think about who will be reading your content, and how you can tailor your language to suit them.

Share Your Content Where it Fits

Rather than bombarding every social media account and feed you have access to with your brand new content, try to search for the appropriate online communities where it will foster discussion and attract readers. Along with this, use consistent content-relevant hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook when sharing your content in order to make sure it can be discovered by the right reader.

Researching where your content writing is most suitable to share and understanding which hashtags are searched and topical to your industry will ensure your writing reaches the right audience. Lastly, always keep in mind that social media platforms are a great way to post unique content which links to and supplements your other written content.

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