The Keys to a Killer Season Content Strategy

The Keys to a Killer Season Content Strategy

As a business, you shouldn’t abandon things you have been working on all year, but holiday and seasonal marketing, in addition to normal marketing, can be a great way to entice people in. Without proper planning, your business’ holiday marketing is as effective as a lump of coal. 

One thing marketers will have learned over time is that it is never too early to start planning your holiday and seasonal content strategy. Whether it’s Black Friday, Halloween or even Christmas, every occasion in the season allows you to stand out from your competitors and gain some more extra seasonal traffic. 

The Holiday season is nearly here and at Blue Whale Media, we’re planning our lead up and preparing our seasonal marketing. Our team has put together a list of key things you need to do and prepare to create a killer content strategy. 

Anticipate the Trends 

The Holidays come around every year; no matter if you’ve been in business for years or you’re a startup, you’ll be aware of the seasonal trends. It’s a common fact that mobile and online shopping increases at this time of year because people are trying to avoid the crowds. People are also trying to grab a bargain around this time too, but what does all this mean for your content writing strategy? 

  • Do you need more articles optimised for mobile search? 
  • Or are you wanting to launch further discounts? 

Activate Create Content Planning

Diving into the content planning stage is the fun part. You can now think outside the box and brainstorm content ideas that are more relevant to seasonal holidays. The first place to start is keyword research; you can assess the holiday-related phrases and identify keywords that suit your website and marketing strategy. You may also want to create content for other marketing channels such as Facebook ads, Instagram or even LinkedIn. Our team suggest considering the following things: 

  • What topics would really get your customers attention? 
  • Have you got any content ideas that will set you apart from competitors? 

Arrange Topics by Timeliness and Priority 

Basically, your holiday content needs to make sense for your business. So, whatever your content strategy involves, it needs to be planned out, purposeful and on-brand. If you are creating content for the sake of it, the festiveness of that content won’t do anything for your marketing. As a digital marketing agency at Blue Whale Media, our team recommends consistency when arranging your content, assessing the timeliness and priority of each article, blog, social media post, even company newsletters. 

Understand Quality over Quantity

Something that people often forget is the need for quality when publishing content. Also, one thing not to forget is the need for balance; a mixture of both quality and quantity is ideal. By creating a balance between both quality and quantity will greatly improve your website traffic, helping you to increase reach and awareness. 

Seasonal content marketing, when done right, can yield cost-effective traffic and leads. If you need assistance with your strategies surrounding seasonal content marketing, why not get in touch with Blue Whale Media today?