The Latest Technology for Digital Web Agencies

Technology is making our lives simpler and simpler every day. It is due to the existence of technology that there has been mass production of goods to satisfy human needs and wants. Even more, researches are being done to introduce more advanced systems to handle operations that may be too complex for a human being. We have heard of the Google nest and related assistance systems that have helped many people automate routine chores in their homes from controlling security cameras to getting emails via androids linked to our smartphones without having any contact. IBM’s drink technology is here with a unique role though is more like the system mentioned above. This product is the patented coffee delivery drone to be developed by the company for digital web agencies.

IBM’s Technology

IBM is well renowned for its innovative technology with web servers being the greatest and the most popular of all innovations. For many years, IBM ruled web and may digital web agencies up to date still run on systems developed by this company. However, most of its operations were sold to the Lenovo Company and these included personal computers in 2005 and servers in 2014. The company did not stop at that point, and today they are still in the computing industry producing better products.

The coffee delivery drone patent

The latest news from IBM reports the proposed device of a coffee delivering drone to be built for digital web agencies. A little description of the invention shows how sophisticated it will be once it goes to production. There has been little success with the development of delivery drones by most companies due to the complexity of the process and the skills required are top-notch. Only a few experts can deliver a functional system, and IBM has proven to host tough engineers.

IBM’s drone in a company setting

Besides delivering coffee safely to the consumers, the proposed drone will have other subordinate features to help the people with their daily needs. This drone can detect when the employees are tired, and then they can deliver the coffee to refresh them so that they can work more. This can be a good idea for digital web agencies that have their employees working for more extended periods and may not have time to pick a cup of coffee for themselves.

Features of the patented drone

The drones come with added functionalities that some can be found on a wristband. These functionalities include blood pressure detection, detecting pupil dilation and identifying changes facial expressions to determine the state of an employee. All these functions are obtained with the help of powerful sensors that can record high-quality images and detect the slightest variations from a person characteristics. Analysis of these variations can show whether the person is tired or is still active.

Production of the drones

It is not sure whether IBM is planning to sell their drones or not. This conclusion is according to reports in the various journals that indicate that they were caught unawares and did not respond about having any plans to sell the product anyway.

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