The modern web design process: putting content first

A site with well-structured and authored content has better visitors’ history because of a good user experience. In other words, your website should be content-centric and your content, user-centric. However, only the right content acts as a mediator between the site and the user.

The design process of your site should start with the content. It is because the following tasks become more comfortable to frame

Excellent website content is the most important part of the modern website design process.

and work with. Once you know what kind of content you are going to incorporate, your website gets more meaning. 

Irrespective of the size of the business, today, the focal point is the type of content. It is like a window to a better picture of the site. 

Now that you know the basic need of your site, you must build engaging content.

What is content, and why is it important?

Leo Burnett, advertising expertise, says, “What helps people, helps business.”

No website can work all on its own without the proper introduction of what it is, what it provides, and what the users will benefit from visiting them. This is where good content comes in the scene.

Your prospects and customers should be able to get the ideas and the purpose of your sites. Simple yet relative blogs, exciting infographics, engaging videos, brand stories are what creates your content.

Though it is vital to hit the sales target, contents based on the user’s point of view is more approachable.

The site’s design process should focus significantly on content and blend with each other to deliver better performance.

SEO and Content Relation

The founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, says, “Organizations who can’t match up in content creation and promotion may find themselves losing out to content marketers who learn the basics of SEO.”

For a successful website, your content needs to work hand in hand with SEO. Search bots like to crawl the webs and gather information to rank websites. So, to have better rankings, your content must be SEO supported.

Another essential element that you need to know is the keywords and phrases that are common and frequently used and searched. And this requires a lot of research and also a guide from the subject matter experts. However, the point is to keep your content real but, at the same time, search engine friendly for the web crawlers.

To make your tasks lighter, Wordstream and Google Adwords Keyword Planner can help you compare and research related words and phrases. But, it would be best if you choose the relevant keywords or phrases that suit your site.

Who creates the content?

Now that we know the weight of good content, we cannot compromise on who creates it. Usually, there are teams of professional wordsmiths who carefully craft the message to connect effectively to your readers. Their writings help the users to understand your site better.

On other odd possibilities, the owner themselves take responsibility or assign it to someone with few ideas about it. Such circumstances may lead to poor quality content.

Besides, the team of trained writers, any writers contributing to the content, can seek ideas from high-quality writing and working of optimized keywords and phrases. You can help them understand the power of worthy content on generating revenue and creating brand awareness.

Other effective influences on content

  1. An accurate picture of the website’s goal will help in better collaboration between content creators and site designers. Properly designed sitemap and explicit content will lead the user to understand and navigate the site better.
  2. Including clients in the writing process for additional inputs and information will result in a better outcome. Contributions of writings from clients should be appreciated and welcomed. Their writings might miss bits and parts, but they can always improve under your monitoring.
  3. Creating a content model will help you track the flow of your content. You can start with the macro version that provides limited or main content, and by clicking on them, the micro version will give you more detail and information about your site’s content type.


Good content always benefits both the sites and its users. But, creating one takes so much effort and research. Building websites will be less frustrating if you know what it should contain and how it should affect the visitors.

With the discussions of factors impacting the quality of content, you will be able to start processing a web design that fits the modern concept and demand.