The Rise of Blue Whale Media’s Pinterest Following

Gaining followers isn’t as easy as it seems. Trying to persuade the people of Pinterest to follow your page is a tough task. When I took over Blue Whale Media‘s Pinterest, we had three followers… After much research on how to gain followers and what to post, I found out that merely posting things that people want to see will result in the growth of our page. Which is precisely what we did.

How we gained our followers

We began by following people that worked in the same industry as us and then finding people that were interested in what we do. From doing this, it took a long three months to go from 3 followers to 7. This was a huge achievement that we were all so excited about and it didn’t stop there! We then began uploading all the work we have done in the past and recent work on a regular basis and the followers started flooding in.

Our boards

The key is to organise your page by creating boards. This makes your page appear more professional and it’s much easier for other pinners to find out more about you. I started by creating a board for each service Blue Whale Media offer; App Design, Website Design, Social Media and Logo Design. This kick-started our page and it appeared well put together and professional. Once these boards were getting more attention, I decided to create additional boards for Mailchimp, Portfolios, Roller Banners, Business Cards and everything else we have created or will be creating.

Coming Soon

Blue Whale Media have exciting news for all you Pinners out there. Our new service DRONE MEDIA is coming to Pinterest. You will get to see our drones in action and the footage these monotonous robots can capture. Starting with trial footage and photographs of the drone, we will be adding to this board on a more frequent basis now that our Drone pilot is now a qualified drone pilot after passing his course.

How we plan to continue to grow our Pinterest

Going forward with Pinterest, we will continue to upload new and current work that is being created as we speak! We will be following everyone that is relevant to us and anyone that shows interest in any of our services. By searching keywords that are relevant to us, we can find people in the same sectors.

How Blue Whale Media can help your Pinterest

Blue Whale Media now knows all the tricks and can get your Pinterest. We help visitors from Pinterest convert into leads or sales faster than from other social media sources. If you rely on your website to fuel your sales and marketing, you need to generate traffic in order to increase leads or sales. Pinterest is a great tool for increasing links back to your website, thus driving more traffic. Our social media team at Blue Whale Media can help you and your business. Every business is unique. So, we create a customised campaign for you for the most effective results.

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