Tech for good summit in 2020

The Tech For Good Summit 2020

The Tech For Good Summit 2020 will bring together people and companies driving the use of technology and the digital world to enhance people’s lives through the use of Tech.

Events like the Tech For Good Summit allows everyone in the tech world to interact with people who have similar interests and passions for technology.

At Blue Whale Media, our team’s working day revolves around technology. Therefore we find it very beneficial to attend tech conferences that will broaden the minds of our staff.

The Tech For Good Summit will feature speakers who are using technology to make our world a better place, celebrating how Tech is being used to create positive social changes. This year the summit will be held on the 3rd of December, the day will host expert speakers who will present case studies, their experiences using Tech for good and will host panel sessions and interactive meetings.

What is involved?

Topics and discussion areas for this year’s Tech For Good Summit will include positive distribution, corporate responsibility, building digital solutions and social impact of technology.

At the Tech For Good Summit, you can gain knowledge that will allow you to act faster and smarter within the tech industry, here’s what you can learn:

  • Discover emerging technologies
  • Identify opportunities to gain a competitive advantage
  • Refine your services and portfolio to increase customer success metrics
  • Build effective business relationships

How will it benefit you?

Digital technology has the potential to address our biggest social challenges at the Tech For Good Summit. Leading initiatives will be heard and how people are doing it, why they are doing it and the impact tech has on it all. In previous years speakers have featured within the Tech For Good Summit from companies such as Good Thing Foundation, Twitter, Age UK, British Red Cross and Just Giving.

Tech and your business’ future

Technology has the power to disrupt the status quo, alter the way people live and work, rearrange value pools and lead entirely new products and services to transform the future. As technologists, we should focus on the greater good and collaborate to build a better world for existing societies and our future selves.


Professional networking is an effective way to meet people who do what you do and are connected to your career path in some way. Professional networking can be as simple as a quick impromptu conversation or the exchange of business cards; it is totally in your control. During business or industry conferences or summits, networking isn’t limited to just participants; when you attend an event, you can ask presenters questions, share ideas and expand on what was covered during the event. These connections are invaluable.

A summit brings together thousands of people, speakers and experts who share the latest trends and solutions. A change of scenery, especially one rich with educational and networking opportunities, will allow you to spark creativity, develop ideas and think in innovative ways.