The Ultimate Black Friday Business Guide

The Ultimate Black Friday Business Guide

The shopping days of Black Friday are super busy. Black Friday originated in the USA back in 2005, and now it has spread worldwide. This event is also significant for software and digital brands because it affects both their revenue and sales.

Why is Black Friday important for businesses:

  • Software businesses get numerous chances to boost their most significant sales.
  • Your brand will receive a ton of publicity.
  • You get to expand your consumer base successfully.
  • The lifetime value for customers is quite long.

As Black Friday is approaching, our team at Blue Whale Media has put together some crucial tips and tricks to prepare yourself for a fruitful outcome better.

Starting Early

One of the main critical pointers for your Black Friday success would be by starting early. By doing so, you get to promote the offers and discounts better. To ignite the buzz, make effective use of socialising, emailing, and sprucing up the site content.

Audience Segmentation

Your entire customer base can’t exist under the same digital roof. To obtain more revenue, start customising your discounts towards specific consumers. Ensure that you are splitting your consumers into segments like:

  • Consumers who have trialled your item but never bought it.
  • Consumers that enter the checkouts but never buy the products.
  • Consumers who have churned recently.
  • Consumers who have churned from way back.
  • Existing consumers.
  • New consumers entirely.

Varying Campaign Styles

Are you new to Black Friday? Did you just launch your business? Regardless of the reason, it is essential to experiment with different campaign styles. Experimentation will always be the key, so don’t be hesitant because it lies behind every great business that’s out there today.

Specific Landing Pages

If you want your Black Friday campaign to be successful, then you should come up with a compelling landing page. The page should be highly visual, along with CTAs for laying heavy emphasis on the once-in-a-lifetime discount. You should also utilise it in your Google ad promos and social media to clue your audience what’s to come at the event. Plus, you can also incorporate a countdown page for creating a sense of urgency and anticipation.

Clear Creatives

All your offers should be presented clearly across the landing page. The key is to highlight all the discounts and price points with an appealing design. Prioritise your creatives in every online platform where the sales promotions are taking place. It will also cause an increase in brand awareness.

Retaining New & Old Consumers

It is crucial to capture both your existing and prospective customers. While it’s great to acquire new consumers, you shouldn’t neglect the old ones. So, it’s crucial for you to focus on:

  • Offering discounts for add-ons or upgrades.
  • Start considering where your discount should be applied.
  • Introducing sneak previews of sales.

At Blue Whale Media, we believe that the Ultimate Black Friday Business Guide is what every business should have on the lead up to these festive buying events. For more information about getting your business ready for Black Friday, get in touch with us today!