Things You Need to Know About Crawl Errors

Things You Need to Know About Crawl Errors

When you are searching for something but the search engine fails to load a page, then you are probably experiencing crawl errors. Crawl errors are problems noted by your search engines when they crawl your database and will harm your SEO.

So what is crawling?

Crawling is the action that occurs when the search engine attempts to visit a page of your site through a bot. This bot detects a link to your site and begins to look for all the public pages. It crawls the pages and indicates the contents for use in Google. It also adds all the links it still has to crawl. However, when one cannot go to the website they wish to go, experts like the ones in Web Design Manchester call it crawl errors.

Why is it important to know them?

The search engine has a program known as “spider,” which is used to crawl a website. This is an important tool for search engines in order to interact with the database. There are two kinds of crawl errors that you need to remember – site errors and URL errors.


Site error is a kind of crawl error that stops the bot from connecting to the database. They disturb the whole site. Many web developers like Web Design Manchester point out some common reasons as to why site errors occur. These are DNS resolution failures, server errors, and trouble getting the robots.txt file.

DNS Errors

A DNS error is an early warning that you have totally lost your connection. It shows that you were not able to find the IP address that you want to connect. Once you access a certain website, the server would automatically ask for the IP address. So when you have connectivity troubles, that is an early sign of DNS errors.

Server Errors

Server errors happen when the web server tries to show an HTML page. In this case, the bot is not able to connect to the website. This is where you can see a “request timed out” page. Server errors also happen when there is something wrong with the code that stops you from accessing a page.

Robots Failure

For you to be able to reach a website, the robot.txt file has to be always available. The wrong robot tag can create chaos for your SEO action. If you have a “no indexed” file, the bot cannot gain access to the website.

URL Errors

When you click on the link, and you see the “404 Not Found” page, then you probably have an URL error. This is often referred to as a ‘dead link’ or ‘broken link’. The most common URL errors are mobile-specific URL errors, malware errors, and Google News errors.

Mobile-specific URL Errors

This kind of error exists in modern smartphones. This only happens when you have an inactive website. You can check the robot.txt and see if you have activated those sites.

Malware Errors

Malware errors happen when the template used for error messages is build to share malware. In this case, the aggressor can attack websites on your end. Check the URL and remove the malware if possible.

Google News Error

If you are working with news or any content site, then you are familiar with Google News and other news search sites. There are various reasons as to why crawl errors occur. Google news errors are associated with the format of the articles. It could be from the lack of title to the size of the page. Be sure to check the robot.txt files.

How to Fix Crawl Errors

The easiest way to remove crawl errors is to fix them. Expired pages might also be the reason why the search engines flag them as errors. Web developers like Web Design Manchester are recommending that you should equip ‘redirects’ to fix crawl errors.


Crawl errors may stop you from doing what you need to do on the website. However, with enough knowledge and skills, one can fix the problem. After all, computer errors can be fixed with experts from good web developers like Web Design Manchester.

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