Signs that it’s time to change your logo

Do you wonder whether your logo reflects your brand in the right way and whether you might need a refresh but don’t know where to start? As time goes on things evolve and change with business are your industry. This is why it is imperative that you keep your logo fresh and current to adhere to the market you are aiming at. Many businesses may never have had a professional logo design done making it a great time to put that old logo behind and look more towards the future. There are a few signs that show that your business might need a logo redesign to help evolve with your brand.

Too much detail?

Minimalistic designs are very much in nowadays and making use of icons is a very common way of creating logos. There is nothing worse than an overcomplicated logo. An easy test to show if your logo is too detailed is to reduce its size to see if it remains legible and suitable in smaller sizes. The logo still has to be recognisable at different sizes which if it doesn’t show it has been over complicated. Logo rarely needs more than one design element in their logo to show the story of the brand which is why keeping it simple is crucial.

Too generic looking

Logos need to make a lasting impression making them unforgettable and recognisable. Having a logo that is too generic can make the logo easily forgettable helping it blend in with a vast array of generic logos. Your logo is there to help capture the essence of your brand. This could be something that helps reflect something to do with your products/services.

Is your logo too hard to read?

It is important when choosing fonts for your logo as all fonts aren’t legible and some are definitely more suitable than others. As already mentioned your logo needs to be legible at all sizes and therefore a font that might be easy to read when big might not be as easy when shrunk down. Google is a great example of a wordmark logo that is easily legible. Script fonts tend to be the culprit of hard to read fonts. This is because of their unpredictable fashion and the way some letters can be manipulated.

Old fashioned and old looking

Sometimes logos can have all the right features in order to do the job it’s intended to do however these logos can look aged. This calls for a logo refresh creating a similar logo which is just more current and up to date. An example of this is Google again who have changed their fonts over the years to remain in trend with the market. Some logos just need a pinch of TLC.

Refresh or redesign your logo today

It isn’t uncommon for a logo to show age or missing links and therefore a logo redesign or refresh might be what your brand needs. It is a great way to keep your brand up to date and in trend.

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