Tips for Developing a Stronger Digital Brand

Tips for Developing a Stronger Digital Brand

At the centre of any marketing campaign is the most important thing that guides everything; your brand. A brand, quite simply, is a collection of concepts that helps someone identify a specific company or product. Brand can encompass slogans, logos, colour schemes, user experience, and a variety of other aspects to create one cohesive unit.

So, with a brand being so important, how can you develop it in the most effective way? Below are several tips to help evolve your brand into a strong presence in the digital world.

Decide on Your Message

One of the most important things to establish is exactly what you want your brand to tell your audience, and any potential customers. Your brand should immediately give someone an idea of:

  • What you do and why
  • The impact of what you do has
  • Who your brand is for
  • Your story

When designing any parts of your brand keep these points in mind, and try to design them with the intent of communicating them. Not only does this mean your brand communicates a strong message with intent, it also makes it very easy to develop your brand’s message further.

Create a Solid Brand Voice

A brand voice, simply, is the kind of tone you want to have across all of your branding. The tone of a brand can vary wildly depending on how you want to present yourself. Consider existing brands for ideas. A newspaper will want to have a very clean and professional image, to promote the message of being a trustworthy and no-nonsense news source. A local bakery however will want to have a very different image, being seen as very personable and friendly, as well as connected with the local community. You need your voice to be authentic and you, so experiment with what really gets your personal message across.

Keep Your Designs Timeless

Trends are a common trap that many brands fall into. It may be tempting to follow every latest design trend to make your brand look current, but doing so is not a good idea in the long term. Chasing trends means you’re going to be spending most of your time changing your brand to try to keep up, rather than keeping things consistent and allowing your brand’s image to stay in your audience’s head. To not fall into this trap, study the design history of various brands as well as new trends that are upcoming, and decide from here what your brand should and shouldn’t incorporate.

Take Time With Design

Most importantly, take time with designing your brand. A brand is not developed overnight, and often requires many drafts and templating before the winning combination is found. Spend as long as required planning and considering all aspects of your brand, making sure they’re refined as possible before they go live. Even after your brand is live however your design is not set in stone. Keep developing and seeing what parts of your brand hit well with your target audience, and keep pushing those ideas and parts of your campaign.

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