Tips to Create Campaigns That Deliver Results

Marketing campaigns are the crux of online marketing, and a well-designed campaign can have outstanding results for your brand. However, how do you know you’re getting the most out of your campaigns? Below are tips to get your campaign to the best it can be.


Set Specific Goals and Targets

One of the most important things to create impactful results is to conduct your campaigns with a specific goal in mind. If you don’t, what will you know you’re running the campaign for? Consider some goals such as:

  • Increasing awareness among your target audience
  • Building a larger subscriber base
  • Increasing business leads

And use these to guide your campaigns. Remember, however, to keep your goals specific. Try to have a numerical target to hit, such as getting your mailing list to 1,000 contacts. This gives you both a measurable goal to compare results against, and gives you a target to celebrate when you hit it. Without it, it becomes very hard to measure vague goals like ‘Increasing business leads’, vs. ‘This month, increase first-time site visits by 30%’.

Put Your Brand at the Centre

The thing that will stay in your audience’s mind specifically is your brand. If your marketing looks like everyone else’s, why will they pay attention to yours over theirs? To do this, one of the easiest things you can do is keep your brand in the centre of all your campaigns. By having a marketing style that is distinctly yours, using your brand as the focus, people are much more likely to keep your brand in mind over others. Bespoke campaigns over pre-made templates are an excellent way to do this.

Keep Your Outreach Consistent

The key goal of marketing is making a long-term relationship with your audience. Many often fall for the trap that one post will be enough to create results. Like regular relationships, keeping a good audience relationship requires time and consistent work. Regular posts and interactions are mandatory. You should also make sure that all your marketing points are consistent with each other. Having an extremely active instagram account with a barely active facebook might give the impression that your brand is forgetful, or might neglect part of its client base.

Keep Testing and Refining

Above all, make sure to keep adjusting and finetuning your campaigns. Even the best marketing campaigns will need adjustments, and sometimes different approaches entirely. Keep a close eye on your campaigns and keep some key variables in mind:

  • Which groups are responding the most to your campaign
  • What kind of offers people respond to
  • How often you are sending posts and offers out, and how this affects audience response
  • What language people respond more to

Using these, you can learn what your audience responds to best and what approaches are the most effective for your brand specifically. Even if a campaign doesn’t meet its target at all, look at the statistics and see what you can learn from it.

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