Tips to follow for developing effective PPC ads

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an internet marketing strategy where the advertisers get to pay a specific amount each time someone clicks on their ads. Running such advertisement can be a profitable affair however SEO Agency Liverpool confirms that google ads provide limited spaces within which you are required to get people interested enough to click. There is no specific technique which has been proven to be the best for PPC advertisements although there are instructions which may help to write the best possible ad as below;

Familiarise with what your target group is interested in-  clients often search for specific keywords because they are looking for something. You should, therefore, structure the ad in a way which provides a solution to the needs of the customer and clearly showing why they should choose your brand over other competing ones.

Utilise numbers in the add- according to SEO Agency Liverpool statistics, as well as numbers, often get people\’s attention compared to wordings. Numbers can be used to show the price of the product or numerical statistic i.e. the number of sales which you have made

Maintain relevance- it is essential to ensure that the ads are aligned with their specific keywords. Minimise unnecessary wording on the text and only include those which are valuable to the product or service which your brand deals in.

Have a convincing call-to-action (CTA) at the end-  compelling, well thought out CTAs can influence the visiting individuals into clicking on the website\’s link. Avoid using phrases that have become clichés but instead choose those that show the benefits which the visitors will get from clicking on the link.

Use up all the provided space- google provides a 30-character space which you can use for writing the headline and 80-character space for the description of the product. SEO Agency Liverpool advises the maximum use of these spaces to give as much information as possible about the product. The display URL can as well be customised to include keywords considering they are no required to match those of the actual URL where visitors will be directed.

Evoke the emotions of your target audience- there are specific words that can be used depending on the needs of your target audience to evoke feelings that may compel them to click. Research has shown that negative emotional responses can be more effective considering people are often driven to avoid regrets later on. Therefore, if the right words are used, the feeling of anxiety, fear of missing out, hopefulness among others can be instrumental in driving these individuals to click on the ad.

Doing frequent testing on your PPC ad-  testing involves the determination of the level of success of the ad and with the information figuring out what improvements are needed for better results. Various aspects of the ad that can be subjected to testing include varying CTAs, headlines, URLs, etc. and collect the data to adopt the most effective strategy. Even if the performance of the ad is great as soon as launched tests should still be done considering there may be improvements that can be made for it to do better.

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