Top ten SEO apps & tools you should know about

Top 10 SEO Apps You Should Know About

If you’re a business owner, then it’s important to understand why SEO is essential and how it can help your business. By optimising your website and content for search engines, you’ll be able to improve your visibility and attract more potential customers. And, as a result, you’ll be able to boost your sales and profits.

SEO can be complex and time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth the effort. If you need help getting started, then consider working with an experienced SEO consultant or agency. They can provide guidance and support to ensure that your website is successful in the long run.

Here is the list of the top 10 SEO apps that you should know about

Are you looking for ways to improve your SEO? If so, then you should know about the top 10 SEO apps that can help you do just that.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have for any serious website owner or online marketer. It provides detailed insights into your website traffic, including where it’s coming from and what keywords are being used to find your site.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a popular WordPress plugin that helps you optimise your website for search engines. It includes features such as keyword analysis and XML sitemap generation.

3. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is essential for large websites with multiple pages and complex structures. It crawls your site and provides detailed information about your website’s SEO health.

4. Moz Pro

Moz offers a suite of tools to help you improve your website’s SEO, including link analysis, keyword research, and on-page optimisation features.

5. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl is another popular website crawler that provides actionable insights into your website’s SEO. It also includes features such as social media monitoring and competitor analysis.

6. SEMrush

SEMrush is a comprehensive toolkit for online marketers, providing features such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and traffic monitoring.

7. KWFinder

KWFinder is a simple yet powerful app for keyword research. It helps you find long-tail keywords with low competition that you can use to improve your SEO.

8. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console gives you insights into how your website performs in the search results. It also lets you submit your website to Google for indexing and track any crawling errors.

9. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free app from Microsoft that provides similar features to Google Search Console, including website submission and tracking of crawling errors.

10. Raven Tools

Raven SEO Tools offers a suite of tools for online marketers, including an SEO auditor, rank tracker, link manager, and social media management features.

These are just a few of the many great apps and tools that are available to help you improve your website’s SEO. Be sure to explore all of the available options to find the ones that best fit your needs.


Overall, SEO is essential for any business owner who wants to improve online visibility and attract more potential customers. While it can be complex and time-consuming, plenty of great tools and apps are available to help simplify the process. If you need help getting started, consider working with our experienced SEO agency in Liverpool.