Top 3 Reasons Why Our Customers Love WordPress

WordPress is a wonderful platform for custom website design, and all our clients simply love what we are able to do with it. Being one of the few website design agencies in Manchester to adopt WordPress early on, most of our web designers today specialise in WordPress web design.

So what makes WordPress such a huge favourite within our customers? Here’s a look.

You Have Complete Control Over Your Website

When you design a website using DIY site builders such as Weebly or Wix, you can’t take your website along with you if you wish to change your platform or host. Sure, these platforms make it easy for you to create your own website, but at what cost?

In fact, when you hire a website design Manchester agency, you can create your WordPress website just like you want it. What changes? Everything. You own your website. You have complete control over it.

Should you wish to change your designer or host, you can do so easily without worrying about having to create a new site from scratch. You can move your existing WordPress website easily.

That’s one of the prime reasons why our customers love WordPress.

Unlimited Functionality

This is the second reason why our customers simply love WordPress. The limitless plugins that the platform provides access to make it a powerful platform. Think of a feature, and there’s already a plugin that’s ready for you to use.

So whether you want to optimise your website for target keywords, or want to add testimonials easily, it’s all possible with plugins.

What’s more, many of the top WordPress plugins are free and even premium plugins are priced reasonably. This means that adding a functionality with Wordpress is inexpensive.

It’s Totally Easy to Use

This is the 3rd biggest reason why our customers love WordPress. Whether you want to add a new page, remove outdated content, edit existing content, publish blogs or add media, you can do it all easily.

No technical expertise is necessary to be able to use WordPress. As your website design Manchester agency, we provide complete training so you can begin using your stunning new website right off the bat.

WordPress is that easy to use. Now, who can say no to easy?

There’s More

There’s an almost endless list of reasons that makes WordPress a huge favourite with our customers. Interested in a smart, stunning website for your business? Give us a call to discuss your project and we will have your new website ready in no time.

Written and published by Blue Whale Media

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