Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Do you have any clue about email marketing tips in 2018? Have you tried to send an email to your customers only to acquire no reply? Or opt to open and erase it? This action may be due to being unable to get your audience interest. You can get these email marketing tips from web design agency Manchester.

There have been lots of challenges, and best innovations but many changes are identified in 2018 primarily for email marketing.

There are many email marketing tips, and they keep on changing. The following are ways to increase your email marketing strategy:

Build your subscriber list

Despite having a long list of emails for customers, one should not stop increasing the number to it, a hint by web design agency Manchester. Ensure the list becomes longer passively by enabling your website viewers to subscribe to the newsletter through a form and the form must exist in the footer of every page. One can also come up with a list in a more traditional way such as attending conferences and request the attendants to subscribe to your newsletter which is much of importance because it can lead to a business opportunity. keep in mind the number of subscribers doesn’t always give an equal quality

Make it personal

Anytime possible involve the personal element. Almost all email tools grant you to insert shortcodes which are restored with the receiver’s name after it is issued out. The subject of the email should be creative; the email body should be personalised. The email can be sent from your email address hosted by web design agency Manchester such that even if your subscribers reply to the mail, they will get a prompt response from your email. If your business can work with different industries, you issue out variety email versions giving information explicit to each of the industry.

Make emails mobile friendly

What do you do first in the morning when you wake up? Most people get their phones to access social media apps. In this process, email notifications will appear on their phones whereby a significant percentage will access their emails. For this reason, you should make sure that your emails are optimised and responsive for viewing on mobile websites courtesy of web design agency Manchester. If not, you are missing out on a large number of viewers. You can use email marketing platforms such as MailChimp that offer mobile-friendly emails.

Tracking your data

Results may sometimes be due to your subscribers. Always follow up your data because, for example, you should always be keen on those who may have either unsubscribed or subscribe and ensure that your emails are delivered. This analysis will inform you concerning your email performance. You can even try to know your subscribers’ gender and age so that you can send them relevant emails to keep them interested in your blog. Google analytics helps you to relate your marketing emails to people who will use them.

Educate your subscribers

Partnering with web design agency Manchester ensures that the emails sent to your audience are those that will never be forgotten. Something that will always be in their minds which makes your business valuable.

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