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Top 6 Things I Use In After Effects (no plugins)

Wiggle Expression – One of the things that blow the minds of any graphic designer overlooking a motion graphic designer would be expressions. Expressions are like the code that I enter into after effects to create different results. The wiggle expression is used to give an organic camera shake into a video and is a brilliant way of making videos look realistic.

Gaussian Blur

This is something I enjoy using when having a transition in my projects. Instead of just doing a standard fade or wipe transition, I am enjoying Gaussian Blur to add a more natural feel.

Gradient Ramp

I only ever use Gradient Ramp for two occasions; however, I use these occasions in pretty much every edit I do. It allows you to make a beautiful and clean background and can also be used as a roof light given the right expressions and effects.

CC Jaws

I use this in every edit I do. In my final composition, I use CC Jaws to create a cinema effect with the black bars.


Every design platform has heard of these two little beauties. It just goes down to preference as they effectively do the same job and alter the RGB in the same way. This is most useful when working with real-life footage as opposed to motion graphics.

Warp Stabilizer VFX

One of the most potent in-house plugins after effects has to offer. It goes through, frame by frame, and takes real-life footage that is shaky and makes it as clean and smooth as it possibly can do.

These are the best base-features of After Effects I love to use when creating the fantastic animations and graphics for Blue Whale Media and our clients! You can find some of my animations on the Blue Whale Media facebook page.

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