Top Features All eCommerce Websites Should Have

Keeping up with the ever-evolving technologies can be quite overwhelming, especially for the eCommerce sector. Missing out on emerging trends can significantly affect your business, but with certain features, your site can still stand out and generate quality leads while enhancing the conversion rate. Moreover, with professional services from eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you can quickly identify the must-have features that work best in your industry. Regardless of your industry, here is a look at the top features all eCommerce websites should have for a profitable business.

Mobile Optimised

As mobile continue to be users’ favourite over the PC, they account for over 40% of total online transactions. Regardless of the number of product pages your eCommerce website has, you need to ensure that users can comfortably navigate using their mobile devices. With the help of eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you get a mobile-optimized eCommerce website that seamlessly works across varying screen sizes.

User-Friendly Design

As you strive to capture your visitors’ attention, you can easily be swayed by the visuals over the functionality. This usually ends with a cogged site that users can hardly navigate and takes forever to load. Users have a few seconds to decide if your website is worth their time, and if they have to blink a couple of times scanning to find varying pages, they are as good as gone, a bounce rate that can adversely affect your business. With eCommerce Website Design Warrington, your site will be optimized to offer a seamless experience, with the simplicity that doesn’t take away your stylish touch.

Wish-List Tab

You just purchased an item, and after checking out, spot a product that could go well with your new acquisition. Since you don’t have enough cash or hadn’t planned an additional purchase, what do you do? The simple answer is marking it on your wish-list. An eCommerce website must have a wish-list tab to allow such convenience. Moreover, with a wish-list, you get a chance to follow up on leads before they go cold, generating more sales. With the help of eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you can conveniently position the wish-list tab on your site and include adequate measures to follow up on leads.

Related Products

You just bought a pair of jeans, and as you check out, you see, “people who bought/searched for jeans also liked these sneakers.” This automatically leads your next click towards the sneakers to check if they match your taste. If they do, you are likely to add them to your cart, an invaluable feature every eCommerce site must-have. With the help of eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you can place such a feature conveniently to ensure you showcase related products and capture more sales.

FAQ Section

Making a significant purchase requires the guarantee, and as you don’t want to bore your visitors with such details on your product description part, including an FAQ section comes in handy. FAQ section answers valuable information such as return policies and product’s authenticity, to mention a few, enhancing your buyer’s confidence. Ecommerce Website Design Warrington helps you to include the FAQ section in a manner that doesn’t create friction, allowing the buyer to navigate through the sections and find the much-needed information to make the purchase.

Diverse Payment Options

The last thing you want for your eCommerce website is cart abandonment, as buyers realize you don’t offer their preferred payment option. With the help of eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you can include diverse payment options while enhancing transaction’s safety. Ecommerce sites are easily targeted by cyber-criminals, and as you strive to offer payment convenience, including rigorous safety measures build buyers’ confidence while mitigating liabilities associated with cyber-attacks, not to mention your business’ reputation.

As you strive to run a profitable online business, establishing the most practical features gives you an edge in the competitive market. Professional eCommerce services such as with eCommerce Website Design Warrington ensure you implement these measures and more including social proof with ease social media integration.

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