Top modern logo design trends

When it comes to a business, a logo is the first thing the majority of people will come across. This is due to the fact that a logo is something that represents and identifies a business. Just like any other thing in this world, logos have evolved and changed to suit the environment. This wasn’t due to people becoming more creative but an increase in the level of technology and the capabilities it can do. Nothing looks worse than a logo that doesn’t adhere to modern-day trends.

Simple logo design

Not necessarily a trend but more of a necessity, a simple design is a good characteristic for any logo. Simple logos work as they are not created for people to be blown away by, more just a recognisable and easy to remember emblem form signature for the company. Apple is a great example of a simple logo that is easy to remember and recognisable. It works alongside there branding very nicely. A lot of companies nowadays are redesigning their fonts by simplifying them rather than changing their overall concept.

Breaking letters

Another modern design trend for logos is the breaking up of letters. Since most logos are made up of words, it is within the designer’s interest to break of slice these letters up to create more of an eye-catching and appealing logo. This new trend can also be seen as a minimalistic approach to logo design. This new trend can involve a lot of creativity to see what letters work well being broken up and what letters complement each other nicely. It is important that not too many letters are manipulated as the logo can look confused and overworked.

Simplified colour pallets

Older logo designs would make use of an array of colours making them bright and colourful. This has now changed in recent times where more stripped back colours pallets work best finding those which work together nicely. It is said that more colours for a logo can over-complicate it and make it confusing for the viewer. People tend to also establish a particular colour when they refer to a company, therefore, having few colours is better for achieving this.

Shapes and symbols

Shapes and symbols are great ways to show what your business does in simple ways. A good example would be a building company making use of various shapes creating a housing look essentially telling people what their business entails. Shapes can also add curiosity to the viewer’s eye and maybe look a bit abstract.

Line drawings

With minimalism being in these days, line drawings are a great modern trend. Line drawings require a bit more creativity as this is crucial to making it look attractive. Line drawings are often elegant and sophisticated and would complement a restaurant logo very well. The line art can be made into a symbol that enhances what the business does such as a knife and fork for a restaurant.

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