Most effective email marketing types

Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Email Types

Coming up with an email marketing ideation is quite challenging for most small companies. Aside from promos + announcements, they don’t have time to plan for more. Your emails are something that most subscribers will look forward to and keep in mind even when they are not buying the product at the moment.

Sending the same email types to your subscribers all the time is something that you need to avoid. Here in this article, we will show you the different email campaign types you can send out to your readers. It will help in keeping them engaged and also drive up more sales for you.

Welcome Emails

The welcome emails consist of the first email that your subscribers get after they confirm their email address. They will be interacting with your brand for the first time, so make sure to keep it exciting and memorable. Your branding should be clear from the welcome email, and it should tell the brand’s story, display the product’s free trial, or look for a shop in the vicinity.

It should show the voice and aesthetics of your brand. Most welcome emails tend to offer discounts and also free shipping for newer subscribers.

Tutorials & Tips Emails

Sending both educational and instructive emails is another smart tactic that helps out the subscribers, causing your business to be more relevant. It usually consists of tips and tutorials that complement your customers’ needs and what your product does.

Instruction emails help in familiarising the customers with your services and products. It is mainly helpful when it is unclear how your service can help them solve problems or attain a goal.

Customer Stories

Customers’ stories generate from interviewing your subscribers. The stories can be related to their successful use of your products and services. It could also be personal stories and tips to their fellow customers. In this way, newer subscribers will develop trust in your products by sharing similar experiences and interests with past customers.

Brand Stories

This move is different than the customer stories because it stems from you and your team. The marketing will work if you have a compelling story up your sleeve. It helps in opening doors for the customers to understand and relate to your brand.

Re-Engagement Emails

Some subscribers aren’t as engaged with your product as the rest. It can be because they either have a busy work schedule or less interest, to begin with. They might also be uninterested in your emails, or you just haven’t updated them in a while. Whatever the case might be, you have to send out emails for re-engagement. In this way, they start to reconnect with your brand again.

Reminders for Cart Abandonment

This transactional email is necessary for all the online stores. Some potential customers fill up their carts and forget to checkout and follow up with the purchase. You can use this opportunity to promote a CTA accompanied by a compelling copy as a reminder for completing the sale. It will help elevate your potential profits.

Time Sensitive Promotions

Promotional emails that are time-sensitive comes with an offer that expires soon. It is often about the limited availability of your service and products. But it could also be an attractive discount that is running on a limited time frame. Make sure that the subject is clear on time sensitivity when you are sending out these emails.

Receipt Emails

After a customer finishes a transaction, it is normal for online stores to start sending receipt emails for confirmation. But instead of just reiterating the order’s details, you can do so much more for bringing additional returns.

You can use coupon codes to attract customers for the next purchase to score a customer repeat. Showing customer-related items is another smart move for a future purchase. Also, you can use receipts to reinforce your brand.

Sales Follow-Ups

Your buyers will have to wait to receive their product if you are selling a physical good. Make sure to use this time for sending post-transaction email notifications on the status of their shipped, arrived, or delivered order.

Avoid sending order details in simple plain text but add necessary order details such as the expected date of arrival, status check, and what your customer needs to do for receiving their order. Plus, adding a contact number for customer support is an absolute must.

Review Requests

After the purchase, you need to send them an email request for their reviews and testimonials. The reviews can be on your social media, online store, or the 3rd party reviewing sites. All the good reviews will put a good name for your brand in the market. Also, the email campaigns’ reviews help increase the Clickthrough rates (CTR) by 25%.


You can use these effective marketing email tactics for expanding your brand to its fullest potential. We are 110% positive about how it will elevate your business to the next level. Regardless of your company, you take up these measures for generating high-end benefits and profits all the time. We highly advise you to follow them step by step for maximum results.