Top Tips for Product Descriptions that Sell

In a brick-and-mortar store, you get a chance to convince a customer to buy your products by striking a conversation. Ecommerce, on the other hand, relies on the convincing power of your product descriptions. A successful online business requires a fully-functional website and rigorous marketing efforts, product description holding a significant weight to its success. The good news is, with reputable services such as eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you can propel your business and scale new heights. If you are stuck with unproductive product descriptions, here are top tips you should include to turn it around.

Sell the experience

Instead of focusing your effort on selling your products, the description should be focused on the experience. The competitive market has a lot of similar products, and the easiest way to gain an edge is by showcasing your product’s experience and how they beat the rest. With an outsider help, such as eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you can quickly identify your product’s strength and showcase the experience that makes it an ideal choice for your target consumers.

Understand your target audience

Who are the consumers? What words appeal to their emotions? How can you best connect with them? Different demographics respond differently, and with eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you get a chance to understand what makes different targets tick. From there, you can tailor product descriptions in a manner that appeals and tips their decision in your favour.

Don’t over-play

Most marketers make the mistake of over-playing their hand. While no one will describe their products as average, using terminologies such as excellent or the best does no good unless you can efficiently support it. For instance, if you can offer statistical proof showing that the excellent measure is a fact, you can use the words; otherwise, it will only sound like a sales pitch. With eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you can find the right words that appeal to the audience without sounding salesy.

Make it readable

If you have to squint to read a description, the chances are that you will move on to another product or vendor. Use large-enough fonts and ensure that the product descriptions are highly scannable such as using headlines and bullet points. With eCommerce Website Design Warrington, you not only get a responsive site but also design ideas that enhance visitors’ experience, including highly-scannable and straightforward arrangements to save their time.

Leverage social proof

Testimonials from happy users can amplify your product descriptions. Videos of customers purchasing or using your products add credibility as others can easily trust your brand. You can also use photos as social proof, enhancing your product description performance. With eCommerce Website Design Warrington, your business gets to upload quality videos and pictures that enhance the descriptions, translating to improved reputation and increased sales.

Appeal to the power of imagination

Short stories and sensory words can trigger a reader’s imagination. With vivid imaginations, customers can already picture how your products will solve their glitches. With eCommerce Website Design Warrington services, you can generate product descriptions tailored to specific target addressing not only their needs but triggering their imagination of your products will solve their concerns.


While crafting compelling product descriptions, it is apparent that you might focus on their benefits and your brand’s value. This mostly leads to bias as it comes out as a sales copy. It is, therefore, recommendable to enlist outside help such as eCommerce Website Design Warrington as they are better positioned to offer descriptions that address your target succinctly and compellingly.

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