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Trafalgar Foods – 2021 Half-Year Review

All of the Blue Whale Media team was involved in the creation of the Trafalgar Foods website. Naomi, one of our website developers, developed the website to create a fully functional website that showcases what the company does. 

Trafalgar Foods currently offer a professional service to both suppliers and customers, specialising in quality Food and Drink Products. Their new website is a vast improvement on their previous website regarding its design and the visual elements included as now it rivals their competitors within the industry.

What We Did.

The new website creation is a mixture of a brochure and an eCommerce website, allowing them to showcase the products they supply perfectly. This was outlined from the offset as one of the most important elements within the website. We also created a new bold design that is unique to the industry; the colour scheme is vibrant but ties into the company logo and branding well, creating cohesion across the website.

Our team included an owl carousel on the homepage, which shows the different brand that they work with, showcasing the companies they are partnered with exceptionally well. We also used skew elements, which create a unique look to the website when showcasing different products and the information that comes with them. With background graphic elements, hover and page elements within the website design to enhance the engagement of their target audience creating an overall better user experience. 

Bold and Vibrant Design 

Our team have taken the steps to turn innovative visions into realities and creating bold graphics across a website will make customers take notice. Our team has created an experience that snaps web visitors out of their ordinary, passive browsing habits. Our bold design and development of the Trafalgar Foods website will pull web visitors down a perfectly branded rabbit hole. 

Biggest Changes.

There were many new features added to Trafalgar Foods’ website in order to make their stance online and build up their professional profile. One of the more noticeable changes was the bold redesign of the website. The use of background graphic elements with page and hover animations helps keep website users engaged with the presented information, resulting in a potential increase in sales and revenue.

What effects do background graphics have on websites?

Graphics are used to enhance the structure, design, or the informative content of the webpage while keeping the users’ attention at bay. Graphics in website backgrounds have certain effects such as:

  • They give depth to the website pages. 
  • They create perspective into the website pages.
  • Graphics give personality to a website.
  • Also, graphics serve to the branding of a website. 
  • They serve to give contours to the design.

With the visual nature of the Trafalgar Foods website, you can see how visual elements featured in your website can help provide information faster, foster better engagement and responses among your visitors. This will improve their overall user experience; why not get in touch with Blue Whale Media today?