How to turn an empty basket into an opportunity?

How to turn an empty basket into an opportunity?

You know that a filled basket is what your company wants, as this leads to conversion, which leads to profit. So, how could an empty basket lead to a sales opportunity in your eCommerce website?

To you, an empty basket may be nothing more than a stage of a customer’s shopping experience but it shouldn’t be overlooked. There are ways to make this stage more beneficial that could help with making more sales and making the sales process smoother for the customer.

Empty Basket Methods

No one likes looking at an empty cart, so this is a perfect opportunity to persuade your customers about items you are selling.

One way to make the most of your empty basket is to use your category shortcodes as buttons in the basket when it is empty. By doing this you are increasing your likelihood of directing customers to continue shopping for something they want. These categories can also help your customers to shop for items only in the area they want.

Another method is to suggest last-minute items that they can add straight into their basket without having to leave the page. This is usually more beneficial for impulse buyers.

Next, we have a method that reminds customers that they may already have items in their basket but they are logged out. By providing a sign-in button so they can easily access this without leaving the page, as well as a sign-up button for those who don’t already have an account.

The last way is to add a back to shopping button. This is very similar to the first method but more general. I personally would recommend this for small eCommerce businesses that don’t have any product categories or for large eCommerce businesses that have a lot of categories.

Depending on whatever reason your customer has ended up on the basket page with no items, you are making it easier for them to continue with their shopping. This makes it more likely to increase your conversion rate, as you are giving them every excuse to not leave their basket empty.