Twitter Arthouse: A new platform for content creation

This year at the annual VidCon, Twitter announced the creation and development of their brand new, in-house creative platform, Twitter ArtHouse. Their mission statement with this update is simple; ‘To help brands design Twitter first content that moves people’.

Twitter is hoping that Arthouse will be the online platform that brings online creators and consumers together to both boost brand profits and customer experience.

Does social media still offer a great platform to advertise?

Social media has continued to be a lucrative and interactive platform and is consistent in its growth and evolution. Businesses, brands and influencers have identified that their target demographic and consumers are avid social media users, and Twitter ArtHouse is a direct response to this.

How will ArtHouse work?

Twitter aims to recruit what they refer to as ‘Creators’ to ‘develop ideas and assets on behalf of brands’. This group of creators will collaborate with Twitter’s in house strategists, producers and specialists to produce specialised content that will engage the brands Twitter audience. Twitter has expressed that the ArtHouse priority is to create content that is specific and exclusive content for the social media platform, as opposed to more traditional methods of advertising that blanket all outlets with the same marketing content.

Why would Twitter create ArtHouse?

Brands and businesses are always looking for new and exciting ways to create unique and engaging content to fill their social media feeds. Twitter Arthouse aims to unite all avenues of creation, from photography and video editing to live streams. This creative centre will connect creators and influencers with brands and supply space and resources to create unique, Twitter first, content.

The creation of ArtHouse could be positively correlated to a recent Twitter study that found that users of the social media platform spend ‘24% more time with ads that come from Creators’ compared to those that are directly posted by brands. This could be the research that acted as the catalyst for the creation of Twitter Arthouse.

Does it work?

The social media giant has credited Google Brazil as direct proof that the new ArtHouse approach to advertising and content creation is a success. Google Brazil used Arthouse to educate and fight bias towards the LGBTQ+ community by allowing five artists to illustrate milestones for their community. The ensuing Twitter thread and support from LGBTQ+ influencers helped to boost the posts and strengthen awareness of Google’s support if Pride. Further research suggests that after Twitter’s doubled efforts and support of Artistic Creators, visual campaigns on the platform have seen a 3x increase in visual campaigns from their partner brands.

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