Two SEO Practices that are Bad for Business

SEO is an important online marketing strategy for your website, if done right. However, most businesses do not have the resources or the time to stay up with SEO best practices (if you are looking to hire a Manchester marketing agency, get in touch with us today). Bad SEO practices affect your search engine rankings.

Some strategies may have worked in the past, but in the light of latest algorithm updates, they may do more harm than good. Here’s a look at some SEO strategies that are bad for search engine rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

The practice of stuffing keywords into every third line of copy may have worked in the past, but not anymore. When you stuff your content with keyword, your content reads badly, especially if the keyword makes an appearance every once in a while. The quality of your content is affected and your readers will find it off putting. Today, the search engines are highly sophisticated, and they emphasise on context. Use your keyword in the header (title), the description and in the first paragraphs of your copy, content or article. On any other occasion, use it only if the keyword flows naturally into the content. Once you have written the article, be sure to give it a thorough read. Give particular importance to parts that make use of your keyword. Read and re-read those sections to ensure they are grammatically correct. Make sure they do not compromise readability and fluency.

Repetitive Content

You must have often heard the phrase, “content is king” in the context of online marketing. True, the search engines love fresh content, and so do your readers. But, if you recycle the same old content again and again just for the sake of staying fresh, it will result in content that’s low on quality. Always write for your audience, and not for the search engines. If your content is popular amongst your audience, it will play a role in ranking your site higher.

In Conclusion

Stay away from these two bad SEO practices lest your website loses whatever rankings it’s earned thus far. If you are too busy to adhere to the latest SEO best practices, hire a marketing Manchester agency. Blue Whale Media can create a custom SEO strategy for you. With a team of expert SEO specialists and copywriters, we can give wings to your SEO campaign and deliver the results you seek. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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