Types of content every business should employ

When it comes to content, there are many different types that a business can imply to their marketing. It can be difficult trying to decide what content to use for the different aspects of your business, whether it is on your website, on social media or in a news article. Content is an important part of marketing as it can be used on different formats to engage your target audience and boost sales.

Website copy

If you have a website, content will definitely be one of your main priorities. When you have well-written content on your site it can be highly effective when informing visitors about your company and services and it can also work great for the search engine rankings. As it takes less than 5 seconds to engage a visitor on your site, you need to make sure the words are powerful and straight to the point. Here at Blue Whale Media, we have a specialist in house team that create web copy for each page on your website to make sure all areas are covered.


Blogging is something that people don’t necessarily know a lot about, but it can offer many benefits including an impact on your site’s SEO, customer engagement, lead generation and boosting sales. Blogs can be about anything that relates to your company whether you are informing people on your different services/products, keeping your customers up to date with the latest events or publishing a blog about topics that relate to your industry. Blogs can be posted straight to your website and then promoted on your social media platforms so you can get as much attraction as possible. If people are going to look at your blogs, make sure they are worth reading with enough content in.

Social Media Posts

Another way to use content in your business is through social media. The majority of people are on one or more social platforms which is why this is a quick way to publish content to a high amount of people. Similar to blogs, you can post about anything that is relevant to your company or the sector you work in. Once you have your post, you can then add a link or an image/video to attract attention quicker. A company who is organised will also schedule certain posts for days, weeks or months in advance to make sure they have regular content being published for their social media audience.

Press Releases

Press Releases are also a great way to keep your audience up to date with anything new that is happening in your company. Press Releases can be distributed to many news outlets and this will help get a big impact on the content produced. When it comes to press releases, they can be either national, international, digital or print campaigns. So if you’ve done something new in your organisation, get a press release to tell everyone about it.

Content writing at Blue Whale Media

If you are struggling to decide on what content is best for your business or just need help writing specific content, then contact our expert team today. We have an in-house content writing team who specialise in all aspects and can tailor the words to suit your business’ needs. Whether you are a solicitor, restaurant, builder, counsellor or online shop, any business can benefit from content. Find out more on our website!

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