Understanding Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update

Almost every day, Google updates its algorithm to keep its search engine optimization (SEO) system as effective as possible. A new broad core update however was announced by Google creating a shockwave of terror to some businesses on the web. Let us find out why.

Introduction to SEO and Algorithms

A lot of businesses have ventured into online marketing to further enhance profitability. This means they have to ensure that the website of their company stands out among others. That is why businesses are investing in SEO to divert traffic to their sites. When using online search engines like Google, thousands of websites are ranked according to their relatedness to the searched keywords. The basis of this ranking will depend on the core algorithm design as programmed by Google.

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What is a broad core algorithm update?

Google regularly updates its core algorithm twice a day and releases an occasional update several times a year. Just recently, it has announced a major update that caused quite a commotion for SEOs and webmasters. It was called broad core algorithm update. Unlike the usual minor updates Google has been doing, this was a major one, affecting the results of websites ranking. It either elevated the ranking of the website or lowered it.

Effects of the Broad Core Algorithm Update

Speculations arise on the impact of the core algorithm update. For others, it seems that Google purposely released the update to target low-quality websites. On the other hand, the company answered that it was not about the design of the website but its purpose was to generate better web search results for users. The change in rankings, though alarming to many, was not to pinpoint less-performing websites but to improve the search system. Through this update, Google believes a number of under-rewarded websites can really benefit from it. In fact, Google encourages the websites not just to focus in design but to improve content of the site.

Websites Affected by the Core Algorithm Update

Some websites that were negatively affected by this update were tabloid newspapers, online dictionaries, and song lyrics. There are sites that are merely stuffing keywords just to lure viewers to the site of their company instead of providing the public with fresh and authentic news. Benefiting from the updates are digital publishers and online streaming video sites that produces quality web content.

Details of the Update

Google did not provide the official details on this core update but there are a few things we can assume based on their statements.

● The focus of the update was to provide improved search results.
● It was not their objective to target websites that seem to perform less than others.
● There is no possible “fix” to sites whose rankings were affected negatively.
● The focus is not on the design of website but on the content. That is why Google encourages the websites to continue in building great content.

A system is continually assessed from time to time to check if it is running smoothly or efficiently. This is a concrete example that Google is continuously improving their system on the web for the satisfaction of its users. As a website owner, you need take responsibility and ensure that the web design company Manchester you hire knows about Google’s algorithm updates.

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