How and why you should update or revamp your eCommerce website for the new year: 2021

Update Your E-Commerce Website for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to give your e-commerce site the refresh that it needs. With Christmas now behind us it is now time to prepare for the year ahead of us. Not only should you likely need to update products or service offerings but making small changes can have a significant impact.

For example, we have updated one of our client’s e-commerce sites, and they have found an increase in sales. All we did was update the check out page making it easier for customers to purchase their products.

Revamp displays and features

The graphic elements of a website are crucial for one main reason. Over 50% of people who visit your eCommerce site are visual learners and are more likely to retain the information they see. It would help if you kept in mind when you are modifying a product or a landing page. You need to consider all types of imagery, including videos, graphics and images.

Having a simple product video on your site can increase your sales, so why not give it ago. It makes your site more trustful and authentic.

Optimize your Checkout page

Around 30% of people abandon their order whilst they are at the checkout stage. This can be due to a lengthy, complicated or inefficient process. This has been the case when we have worked with eCommerce customers. This means that your checkout process needs to be easy and user friendly. This will get people to purchase on your site.

As you are updating your checkout process, consider the following:

  • Make sure your checkout page works on Mobile and Desktop.
  • Allow customers to buy multiple items in the same transaction.
  • Make free shipping when you can and when it is not making sure your customers know the price when shipping applies.
  • Send automated cart abandonment emails, so if consumers leave without finalizing their purchase.

Increase your site speed

Aesthetics can draw people to come to your site, but efficiency is what makes people stay on your site. Most people will leave your site if it takes around three seconds to load. 

This will affect your profits. We have had this situation before when it came to a clients site. It took at least 10 seconds for the site to load and they also had a 75% drop off rate on their landing page. This also affects your SEO. If people come onto your site and instantly leave Google will read this and see your site as invaluable.

Start to test your site on Google Page Speed Insights which will show you your site speed and also what you need to do to your site help increase the speed. Work with a developer to fix the issues. 

Try new discount tactics

The start of the year is a great time to start testing new discounts and promotions. Start by putting discounts, coupons and offers on the most visible areas of your home page. Try to use banners, pop up ads and opt-in ads. The main goal for any e-commerce site to convert as many customers as possible.