How To Use Graphics For Your Social Media Marketing

Graphics engage potential customers whilst on social media – increasing user engagement. Having a social media campaign can help you improve your brand exposure and image especially online. By using these tips and tricks on how to use graphics on social media you are having a head start on the competition for the social media spotlight.

Planning is key

You need to understand as a team how you want to appear online (corporate, fun etc) as being consistent with your branding is vital to building a successful brand. You can create the right tone for your brand online by using consistent colours, graphic style and words this can be used to build your online personality for your brand or business. For social media campaigns, it is key to plan what you’re trying to achieve so your whole team is following the same goal. 

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Keep good design principles in mind

When attempting to design anything it is so important to keep good design principles in mind. This will just guide you towards an effective social media graphic design. Good design principles are – the rule of thirds, complementary colours and visual hierarchy. 

Rule of thirds

This is the framing of an image, image or graphic this is split up into 9 segments (3 down, 3 across) focus should be placed on the left side of the thirds to leave room for filler images or text.

Complementary colours

Always refer back to the colour wheel when choosing colours, for anything. Visual vibrations will occur when two colours don’t contrast enough or appear to bleed into one another. They aren’t easy to look at and your eyes want to look away from these colour combinations. 

Visual hierarchy 

You need to make it easy for the user to read your social media campaign. Everyone skim reads online therefore make it clear what you are stying to say. The visual hierarchy gives your images and text order in which your audience can read clearly. 

Use correct sizing 

Different social media platforms have different sizing for their posts, ensure you are making your graphics the correct size for the platform you are using. If you don’t your image/graphic will be stretched and image quality will be drastically decreased. Some platforms crop images based on the aspect ratio which could lead to an unfortunate loss of important information. Creating a campaign for a specific platform will result in higher results of image quality. Nothing looks worse than an image which looks out of place on a platform, ensure you size the images correctly for the right platform.

Keep it simple

Don’t overthink your campaign, it is becoming more used for a brand to use a minimal approach for social media posts. By using negative space effectively you can hook your target audience easier by making your campaign stripped back and simpler to understand. Use these tips on your next social media campaign to improve your traction and engagement.