Steps to using Instagram for your marketing company.

As a digital marketing company, you want to be able to create the best possible social media posts to entice your audience to buy from you and choose your brand over the competition.

By using Instagram, you can create a bigger opportunity for your marketing company as Instagram is the 2nd most engaging network after Facebook.

At Blue Whale Media, we specialise as a digital marketing company in Warrington. We can help you to take your business to the next level with clever social media ideas and get your marketing strategy flowing.

You need to look at all the elements of Instagram and see what your audience will respond best to. Here are some tips to help you establish and grow your company using Instagram:

Type of post

There is a whole debate surrounding which type of Instagram post will work best for your marketing company. Data from Instagram shows that carousel posts are getting the highest number of likes and comments on the platform. A carousel post consists of up to ten images or videos that users can swipe back and forth to see the different images on the post. It adds more interactivity for users, along with allowing you to post multiple images and videos. As a marketing company in Warrington, we love the capability of being able to add several images and videos in one post as well as adding locations and hashtags.

Caption length

Another thing to consider when posting on Instagram is caption lengths. The perfect captions are under ten words, yes, there may be a temptation to write something longer, but it may well affect your engagement rate. In order to maximise your engagement rate, make a careful choice of the words you intend to use in the caption of an Instagram post. We can work with you to help drive your social media results; our digital marketing company have the experience to ensure your engagement increases.

The ten words of the caption don’t include hashtags.

Power of Hashtags

The general rule of hashtags is less is more. Data from Instagram has shown that fewer hashtags there are on a post, the more engaging it will be. By using two to eight hashtags in the caption, it will keep the subject of the post simple and relevant to your brand and audience. When you create branded hashtags, you can use them in your marketing strategy and company profile as well as your captions. This encourages your followers to use the hashtag when they’re sharing something about your business.


Instagram is exceptionally mobile-friendly, and thanks to our phone cameras becoming more advanced, it’s incredibly easy to capture high-quality content. Consumers are enjoying seeing more authentic content over curated content. As a digital marketing company, the staff at Blue Whale Media are taking images and videos around the office to put into Instagram and other social media platforms. We think it is essential to show our followers what we do in the office and behind the scenes as a marketing company in Warrington.

Creating Instagram posts and writing engaging captions is not as complicated as it sounds; all you need is enticing content that captures the interests of your audience.

Try to use Instagram in your marketing strategy as brands see engagement rates are ten times higher on Instagram than they are on Facebook.