Using Moments Feature from Twitter for Your Small Business – Tips From A Social Media Marketing Warrington Agency

It is important for businesses, small and big to use social media to reach out to their audience. If you have a small business, it becomes all the more important that your prospective customers and business associates are constantly reminded of your presence. If it seems too much for you, hire a social media marketing Warrington service to take charge of your social media campaign.

Twitter Launches Moments

Twitter recently launched a new feature called Moments. It is slowly becoming the talk of the town. Before Moments came into the picture, Twitter users were able to find out what was happening with the people they followed or search for trending hashtags to participate in different conversations.

Moments will tell users what is in news at the moment, not just from the people a user follows, but from all over the world.

How Twitter Plans to do it

The Twitter team will constantly keep all of its users updated with all that’s trending from all parts of the world. Moreover, Twitter is also going to source content from content partners and contributors. The list is growing and you can be sure any news of importance is going to be featured.

Using the Moments Feature for Your Business

You can use the Moments feature in more than one way to benefit your business. Your social media marketing Warrington team can help you understand how to use this feature to bring some targeted traffic to your website.

You can follow what is going on in your business world or get the Twitter users to follow your news. You can embed the moments on your website or blog too. You can share your news as a link.

Like regular Twitter accounts, you can retweet, comment and also mark favourite on Moments. In addition, you can send the news as a Direct Message too. The Follow feature helps you stay on top of a current event. This way, you can update your followers on any topic of interest. When you Follow a Moment, an update is directly sent to your timeline.

Benefits of the Moments Feature for Your Business

Using Moments can help your business in many ways. Your social media marketing Warrington team can help you share content, highlight business related problems and share solutions.
Embedding Twitter Moments in your blog posts, articles, email campaigns and newsletters can also bring in new followers to your Twitter feed.
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