How to Leverage Pinterest to Promote Products

Pinterest has been around since 2010 and is often swept under the rug by digital marketers and some consider it to be a waste of resources. This couldn’t be further from the truth and Pinterest could be your largest source of traffic that you’ve never seen.

Here’s a fun fact for you: According to HubSpot, 72% of users use Pinterest to decide what to purchase offline.

This sort of traffic could be exactly what you need to give your business the results that it deserves.

Why is Pinterest a great place to advertise?

So, what makes Pinterest a great advertising platform? Well for starters, Pinterest has 250 Million monthly active users. If Pinterest has 250 Million monthly active users and 72% of those users use Pinterest to help them decide what to purchase online, then that is a massive 180 Million users (per month) waiting to be told that your product is right for them.

On top of this, content uploaded to Pinterest has a shelf life of 30 days or more. For some perspective, Twitter content has a shelf life of only a few hours and Instagram content has a shelf life of around 24 hours. This means that your pins will last a lot longer and help you to reach your audience organically more easily than other platforms.

Promoted Pins and Video

Promoted pins are essentially just posts that have been boosted by you In order to gain more traffic. They’re just like regular pins, however, they have a “promoted” label to make them stand out.

Using promoted pins is a way for you to advertise your Pinterest content within Pinterest itself. It is very similar to promoting your Facebook/Instagram or Google posts.

The best part about promoted pins is that if another user shares your content, then the promotion label disappears, and you do not have to pay for the organic exposure.

Target Audience

Understanding your target audience Is so important, and not just with Pinterest. What is the point of selling something if you don’t even know who you’re selling your product to? Are you targeting business owners? Employees? Music fans? Sports fans? The sooner you figure out who you’re selling to, the sooner you can actually start selling.

Value, value, value

Value, Value, Value. If you’re not providing value, then you’re missing the point. People nowadays really don’t care about you or your brand if it doesn’t benefit their lives or directly relate to their values. Why do you think memes are so popular? They’re not popular just because they’re funny, but they’re also very relatable. They bring value to users, which is exactly what you should be doing with your content. Try to make your content as valuable as possible by relating directly to your consumers while still staying relevant to your industry.


To conclude, Pinterest is an amazing platform to use and you should be taking advantage of it. It is a great platform to post infographics and relevant imagery surrounding your business.

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