Using social media to promote your brand on your website

Starting out in business is never easy, most start from the bottom and have to put in the hard work and dedication to climb the ladder to be recognised. Every little help is needed to get there, one way is by having a social presence on the internet to market yourself.

Anyone serious in business should realise customers shopping habits are rapidly changing and are using many forms to buy products. Therefore it is important to consider setting up social media accounts to help increase the reach of your product/service.

How to incorporate social media

There are various ways to display your social media links on your website, the most basic way is to use icons that when clicked send a customer to your social page. They are usually found in the header or footer of your website away from the main content. This creates a clean feel to the site and the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed with social links.

If you’d like a more in-depth approach to implementing your social links, most platforms offer a way of embedding specific content such as timeline feed from Facebook or a recent tweet from Twitter. There is a surplus number of features that can be implemented across all contents onto your website. They can be integrated using a plugin or HTML, all platforms offer guidance on how to do this.

It’s also common to use buttons that automatically carry out a process from your social page. They can include “Like”, “Share” or “Sign up”. These features could be necessary for you depending on the type of business you run.

How they can benefit your business

Social media should be an absolute necessity for all business as It is free advertisement for the products you sell. If used correctly it can be an incredibly powerful tool to promote yourself. It allows you to communicate closely with your customers. There was a time when a customer’s first choice of commutated with a company would be by phone. Email has since become the most popular form of contact. However, many customers will use social media as it can feel a more personal way of communicating. A quick response on social media will not only make the customer happy but can have a positive influence on anyone else who has seen this.

Updating content on your website is not always an easy process, it can affect other elements on your website such as styling issues. Or you have outsourced your website build elsewhere and may not have the means to update your website quickly. Social media can play a crucial role in sharing information quickly to your customers without the need of updating your website.

As previously explained buttons relating to your social platform can be added to your website. You may have a customer who was extremely happy with the product or service they have used, a simple share button on your website a user can click is an easy way the customer can show their gratification and also reach your business to their friends and followers. You have the possibility to turn one customer into 1000

Call to action

At Blue Whale, we consider all forms of marketing your business to give you the best possible chance to succeed, including social media. Give us a call today for more information.

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