Using stock images within your design

Stock photography is an online supply of images which often have specific licenses in order to use them. Stock images are beneficial as they allow to use photographs that we wouldn’t be able to get through our own means. With the advances of technology nowadays, stock imagery can be downloaded onto your pc with one click. Stock images can really help design and create messages of what your brand is trying to portray. With the number of stock images produced in the world, it really shouldn’t be hard finding one that is perfect for the task in hand. There are literally millions out there on the world wide web.

Using keywords in order to find the right image

As already mentioned there are millions of stock photos out there and many people don’t see the real value of them. Most people tend to pick the first image they see without exploring any other that could potentially fit more with the criteria of the project. Making sure you use the right search terms is essential for finding the right photo. With stock images, there are many different filters you can choose from to find the desired photo. For example, if you were finding stock photos of people you would be able to filter it to specific requirements like ethnicity or the number of people within the photo. Obviously, the most relevant part is the first search which can then be filtered down.

Design around the stock photo rather than over it

Usually, with designs, you will see stock images in the background or behind big blocks of text. These are more common ways of doing things however there are more unique ways we can do this. When designing it is better off putting down the stock image first and then creating around it. Text can be added to all the negative space where no important parts of the image are. Instead of making the photo secondary to the text reverse it and make the text secondary to the image.

Use simple images to add pattern and texture

With stock images, sometimes you will want them to fade into the background or be the background. This can be great when you don’t want the image to be one of the main focal points of the design. It subtlety adds some extra flair without compromising the overall design. These images might consist of marble, wood or fabric backgrounds.

Using consistent images across your designs

Especially when creating web pages is very important to get consistent and relevant images throughout which all interlink with each other. A design can quickly become messy when an array of different images are used. This is why consistency is extremely important and can be the difference between a poor and good design. The images don’t all have to be the exact same but enough to tell they belong in the same design.

Selecting images that match the brand

It’s one thing selecting images that all interlink with one another but first off images must be selected that link well with the brand itself. This could be from the colours of an image right throughout to the professionalism the image is trying to portray.

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