Using Videos in Ecommerce Websites 

Videos have become one of the most essential tools in digital marketing. Videos in a website keep the consumers informed, help answer common shopper questions, promote the brand, and, most importantly, influence customer purchase decision.

Recent studies show that a whopping 73% of online consumers make their purchase decisions based on the videos they watch of a product. If you need one for your website, Website Design Warrington can help you. Our team offers exceptional services to boost your business enterprise and build a connection with your customer base.

Reasons Why Your Website Needs Videos:

1. It creates a great shopping experience for consumers.

If you want to make a compelling shopping experience to your consumers and take your ecommerce business to the next level, you should incorporate videos into your marketing strategies. Website Design Warrington ensures that the website they create contain relevant and informative videos that doesn’t only improve the look and feel of your website but also makes a huge impact on the customers.

Most consumers are likely to make a purchase of a product after viewing its videos. After all, videos tend to captivate consumers better than long product descriptions. They allow you to engage an audience that dismisses information conveyed via text. Additionally, people are more likely to click on a video thumbnail than something lacking visuals or any multimedia content.

2. It improves your inbound marketing plan.
Videos are great for SEO due to the fact that they keep consumers on your website longer. This factor resonates on how a page ranks in the search results. The longer the customer stays on the page, the more important search engines consider the website is. The main aim of this marketing strategy is to tap the potential market more effectively.

According to Website Design Warrington, a video has the ability to convey a tangible amount of information in a quick way. Having a video for your product gives you a higher ranking on search engines, especially if your rivals have not utilised that platform. This means that you will be able to cover more customer base in a quick and precise way.

3. Videos are popular among mobile users.
Smartphones have already outdone desktops in popularity, and almost everybody owns one. Since mobile users find videos more accessible than static text descriptions, it’s better if you offer them this form of media. Also, most young consumers watch more videos online than television shows. If you have videos that are easily shareable across different social media platforms, you can reach out to a wider audience.


If you incorporate videos in the website designed by Website Design Warrington, you’ll be able to see an increase in average order value and conversion rate.

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