Utilise Apple’s AirPods to Up your Brand Engagement

Apple has made its smartphone slimmer. The iPhone 7 has no headphone jack. Instead, a pair of little, white and cute wireless devices are set to transform users’ iPhone 7 audio experience. They are called AirPods. The video design Warrington team are here to show how you can benefit from the latest iPhone!

About Apple AirPods

Similar to Apple’s earlier EarPods, AirPods are a wireless creation that users can activate with a single tap. Apple AirPods use sensor technology to detect if the devices are in users’ ears; audio is paused if listeners take off the devices from their ears, and resumed once they put on the devices. The Apple W1 chip used in the device helps deliver outstanding sound quality and battery power. A one-time charge ensures 5 hours of audio for listeners. Advanced voice technology filters out unessential noise to render high sound clarity when users are speaking. Apple AirPods come in a customised charging case that gives users over 24 hours of listening time. Thus, charging the AirPods for 15 minutes in the case ensures that users can listen using the devices for 3 hours. Apple AirPods will be available towards the end of October. So, how can you, as a small business, utilise these little wonders called Apple AirPods?

Develop Rich Media Content for Powerful Brand Engagement – Final Word From The Video Design Warrington Team

The exceptional sound quality of Apple AirPods combined with rich display features make iPhone 7 a wonderful platform for delivering engaging business videos. Consider having a variety of engaging videos on your website involving your products/ services, employees, customers, office events, industry peers, and community. Engaging videos that involve your company’s top people and talk about your company, products, employees and customers, can bring your brand closer to your audiences. Create videos carrying interviews with industry experts. Bring your customers on board and have them speak about their experience with your products, services and brand. You can also have a fun video of your employees describing a work day. Adding engaging videos to your website can result in social shares, which increase brand awareness and raise the chances of garnering more website traffic. Hiring a video design Warrington service can be valuable. The infrastructure, technical expertise, and creative assets of a Warrington video design company can enable you to project your brand at its best. At Blue Whale Media, we understand the power of well-crafted videos in achieving brand goals. As a company specialising in developing creative videos, we can help you take maximum advantage of video design to up your brand. Contact us on 01925 552 050 for details.

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