UX guidelines and best practices for eCommerce product pages.

UX Guidelines For eCommerce Product Pages

We all know that a monotonous design can bore your visitor. For an online business to flourish with a reasonable rate of return, your product page UX design should be unique and in line with your products.

Product website’s page is a vital element for generating good revenue for your business. UX design can build or kill your business growth. 

We will discuss some essential eCommerce UX guidelines to boost your product pages and conversion rates.

Product page design optimization

Presentation is important, yes. The way we represent our product page is crucial to the customers. We should keep in mind that the product page arrangement should be according to the customer’s sight. Optimizing your page according to the product categories, product review column, detailed product description, clear product image, other information, etc., is the section customers get confidence to shop.

Educate your Shoppers

We hop from one website to the other to find the product of our choice with clear information on the product. Today, some most successful shopping websites try to educate their customers about the product they are about to purchase. It is one of the most attractive services a user can get virtually since the customers cannot touch, feel, or see the product in real.

For instance, if your product is about textile, then educate on the material regarding its benefits and usage. Likewise, if you are running a business on an organic product, it is good to let the user know the advantages and benefits.

Design a comparison and recommendation section

Customers love to keep comparing the product before making up their mind. Your product page should provide UX design at its best using this beneficial tool. It creates less chance for the customer to visit another website to look for similar products. 

The comparison and recommendation column is essential since it can retain the exiting shoppers from your website and increases eCommerce business revenue.

Payment Gateway

After everything is well decided, the last step on making a payment is where most customers quit from your shopping website. The product page should include Maximum payment options so that your customers do not leave on the final process. 

Adding multiple payment gateways and ensuring a hassle-free check out process will boost the revenue through your eCommerce product page.

Remember, your main aim is to let the customer purchase your product and not to let them quit at the final step.

Before trying to change such important details on your website, like payment options, you should alway speak to an expert. Blue Whale Media is the best choice when it comes to website design in and around London, and we’re always happy to have a quick chat if you’re thinking about revamping your existing website.

Wrapping up with some extra tips below:

  • Use a video to demonstrate your product usage.
  • Create an emergency notification for your customers display messages like “offer expiring today”, “limited stock”, “discount for few hours”, etc.
  • Add a chatbot plugin to allow your customers to interact with you for any doubts.
  • Offer an exciting reward, gift points or coupons on their purchase; this creates a reason for your customers to visit your product page and make a repurchase.
  • Add a link that will enable the customers to share the product on different social media and apps.
  • A single product picture is not enough for the customers. Adding multiple product images, motion images, zooming in and out services is a great way to improve your UX product page design.