Useful types of video content for businesses

In this blog, I will try to explain what useful types of video content are available to businesses, these will be types of video that we use ourselves and I will also provide information about why they can be useful for your company. 72% of businesses say video has improved their overall conversion rate. Video continues to grow as the king of content revolution, yet it’s fairly safe to say that most start-ups and scale-ups have yet to take full advantage of video marketing for their brand. Following on from this, when it comes to content marketing, video comes in at just number 3 however this is due to businesses being unable to create a successful, high-quality video.


As stupid and hypocritical as writing this sounds, blogs are boring, there are too many of them and vlogging is the cure. They are really easy to produce even with a low budget. It gives the audience a personality-driven video and normally the best type of video in terms of engagement value. The driving factor is to do with how cheap they are to produce, instead of spending silly amounts of money on demos and intros, a 5-minute vlog of sitting behind a camera makes you look like a human being as opposed to a brand ambassador.


One of my most recent edits has been an event video. We went to the St Helens Chamber event at Haydock Park. If this video was made for someone else it could become costly, however, they bring people who are already close to the business as well as others that couldn’t attend on the day for example. For example, Glastonbury is an event that a lot of people attend, however, a lot of people can’t so they decide to watch their event videos.


Although this is a style of video, rather than a type of video. However, it is such a powerful style and it is able to leave viewers in a feel-good frame of mind. These types of videos are perfect for companies that have complex products and services that can be difficult to explain, which is why the most popular types of animated video are landing page explainer videos.


People prefer businesses that seem like they’re human as opposed to money-making machines. This is the reason we film ourselves filming, and we are enjoying making fun videos out of them. These videos have a high rate of engagement and are videos people enjoying watching!


These types of videos have high engagement as they allow us to talk to you live. We do these types of videos in the form of a live podcast every Thursday, where we talk about the different services we offer. We organise polls to appear when the live stream is on. Sam and I did one this week on videography and Lewis and I did the same the week before on Branding.

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