How video marketing can work for small and local businesses.

Video Marketing For Small And Local Businesses.

Imagine you’re the owner of a newly launched agro-business store selling organic veggies in your locality. With the Covid-19 protocols in place, not many customers shop around from conventional brick and mortar stores. Of course, launching a mega website operated by a host of staff working in different capacities is optional. But that is not the ideal. You have to take into account many factors for making business decisions such as this. Do you have the resources- capital? Can you meet the demand-supply exigencies? 

Most people want to start small and grow further along the way, right?

Let us discuss in brief video marketing.  

It is a smart strategy guaranteed to bring rewards. So what exactly is video marketing? Video marketing is a popular business content strategy. It enables business owners to showcase their brand and products in a creative and fun light. With the right video content, you can expand our client base and get good returns. Video marketing is a dynamic tool in itself. It all depends on how you portray what you wish to show. 

Well, that leads us to question how we should use it. There are tons of ways to sell your product using this strategy. To this end, there are different types of video content marketing for small and local businesses. Depending on your set goals and targets, one should choose a suitable video type. The following are some popular video marketing ideas-

Product videos

Product videos take your product to the forefront of your brand. Likewise, the products embody the brand. It’s a great way to focus attention on how your product works. You can highlight why our product is unlike any other. It will help the audience understand your brand through your product(s).

Educational videos

This kind of videos makes the viewers more informed about the brand and the products. You can display the environment-friendly guidelines we’re upholding with your products. Doing this will boost your image in the market. It’s all about sustainability these days.

Shareable videos

It includes many kinds of videos. It could be a short, quirky ad, a vlog, or announcements. Usually, shareable videos run only a few seconds to a minute. They’re good for promoting your brand. It should have the potential to make a buzz in the market. Meaning, the video should be fun plus engaging. 

Review videos

Another way to entice shoppers is by posting review photos on your homepage or social handles. It’ll help spread the word in your community. Satisfied customers can help you make good returns! Sometimes, consumers also give suggestions on how to improve a product.

This feedbacks are constructive. It’ll help serve our customers better- the way they want.

Why you should invest in video marketing? 

Here’s a little statistics compiled by the Invesp group, which will undoubtedly be of some interest to you:

  • 60% of customers would rather watch a product video than read about a product description. People want easy and quick information. Modern man is not only lazy but also busy.  A product video can convey a lot in a short period. 
  • Product pages with videos see 37% more add-to-cart conversions than websites without videos. So you’ve created your business website, why not adorn it with catchy snippets. Flaunt your company’s mission. Promote your products.
  • Visitors or customers who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than buyers who do not. 

You can already see for yourself how videos can help businesses grow and flourish. 

How can small businesses benefit from video marketing? 

Because it is the best thing to do for a successful business. There are countless benefits of using video content marketing. Videos not only help attract more customers, but they also stick with your viewer’s memory. People also prefer video over texts and audios. Depending on the type of content you want to put, video marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to enhance a brand’s performance. Yes, great photos show a lot about a product. But videos from different angles and light displays the product more holistically. It captures movements and flows smoothly, which catches the eye of viewers. 

The exciting part is that video marketing is versatile. Any of us can make a product video with our smartphones if that’s what we want. You don’t need to have a top-notch professional camera. There are also many applications and tutorials out on the net to help you curate our videos according to your liking. Many of these apps are free, while others charge some amount of fees. Better not overthink to invest in your videos. Video marketing will surely drive your sales! 

There are many ways in which you can use videos for your small and local businesses. Consider the following lines as some tips-

  • With videos, you can show how your product works in action. Highlight the essential features of your product by shooting close-up reels wherever needed. Include smart hacks to help customers make the most of your products or services.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of social media. You can regularly post tutorial videos, customer and employee testimonials, promotional ads, and new product announcements. People cannot escape social media these days. So be it on YouTube, Facebook, or the like, post your video content incessantly but not aimlessly. Know what your viewers want from you. 
  • You can make a video journal. Make customers be a part of your journey by telling your story through video journals. Show them how your business began, its status today, and what your long-term goal is. Make it an insightful and memorable experience for viewers. Here, you could use some humour too.  

There you have it. We’ve discussed what video marketing can do for your business and how it’ll reflect your sales. It is only fitting to say that you should be careful while choosing a genre for your video. The genre will depend on your products. You should do equal research of your audience and other similar products in the market before giving any video a head start.