How do Videography Manchester teams use videos to promote events?

Statistics show that videos are 600% more effective than print and direct email marketing combined in converting visitors into customers. Video is not a one-trick pony; there is a multitude of ways in which your company can utilise video marketing to promote new products

or events. Video engages your customers and can get your message across in a matter of seconds in comparison to 3 paragraphs worth of text. To help you determine the best possible type of video for your brand and project, our Videography Manchester team have compiled a comprehensive overview of the most successful ways to use video to your advantage.

Our Videography Manchester team creates stunning promotional videos

For repeat and one-off events, a professionally-produced promotional video is a great way to showcase your brand on camera. Choosing to show the highlights from your event in a glossy and edited promotional video can serve as a great reminder for attendees or as an advert for potential partners to see exactly what your brand can offer. Use time-lapse, highlights and slow-motion to allow your viewers to take in every small detail of your Videography Manchester project.

Create a quirky Videography Manchester project for social media platforms

Perhaps offering a homemade feeling, vines and social media videos are a great way for businesses to promote your brand to your target audience. Companies have used vine-like videos to show the creative process behind successful plans and projects. The unique six-second videos can provide your Videography Manchester project with a fun and interactive way to connect with your audience.

Emote a charitable cause with Videography Manchester

You can easily emote or emphasise a situation by committing it to video. If you are trying to raise funds or awareness for a worthy cause, a professionally produced and edited video can illustrate and highlight your charity to your audience. Campaigns benefit from guidance that professional Videography Manchester teams can provide. By committing your cause to video, you can bring it to life in a way that text simply cannot.

Showcase a testimonial with Videography Manchester

Testimonials are a great way for your business to establish credibility and to back up your reputation. A written testimonial is great, but a video testimonial is better. Seeing real people, real customers praising your product or service in a video is powerful and makes for compelling and convincing viewing. Through a testimonial video from our Videography Manchester, your company can showcase exactly what makes you stand out from the rest by allowing your customers to explain their experiences in their own words.


Video projects are a fantastic way for a variety of companies from different industries to showcase who they are and what they can do. If you are looking for a professional team to assist you in creating the perfect video for your business, our Videography Manchester team at Blue Whale Media can help you. If you would like any further information or to see what services we offer, please follow the link below: